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Volkswagen Aqua Hovercraft Concept Car & Diving Scooter

In case you’re on an oil platform and being chased by gasoline burning cars and you need to make a quick aquatic escape …

Aquaman will give you a ticket so be careful.

The Volkswagen Aqua air cushion vehicle runs on more than one engine. Its hydrogen fuel cell-powered primary motor runs the main fan to inflate the skirt around the vehicle, which help raise the VW Aqua just above the ground. The fans at the rear run on individual electric motors to provide forward thrust and directional control. The Aqua has a minimalist exterior and interior design, and it can seat two inside. The telescopic steering wheel enhances the driving experience. The Aqua all-terrain vehicle is capable of traveling to any place with an adjustable ground clearance.

You can read more about the VW here.

And something that is out already seems perfect for us lazy scuba divers … The AquaStar AS1 Diving Scooter.

… though on the downside, you might look like a giant seahorse to a shark. 🙂

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24 October 2011 Design 6 Comments


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