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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: The Easy Off Make Your Own Hauler Package

“Steve F.” found these amusing attempt to “plus-up” the Haulers.

They would’ve gotten away with except for those meddling Mattel guys who never released a white Walmart racer …

No, these are not “real.”

They would have CLEARLY sniped the addition of a race car … and of course, they would have had to redesign he hauler box as it clearly did not fit …

And Dinoco/Gray would have included KING except that King, the single diecast is hard to find while Dinoco McQ is much easier to find …

And of course, the Hauler box is easy to open to add something – so it’s a nice bonus to get a racer but not authentic and not a “rare item.”

Well, rare like a real snipe, a jackalope or the Apple CAR available for $19.99.

Thanks, Steve F. for the amusing photo.

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