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Apple iPhone 4S – You Can Be Siri-ious Delirious

Of course, while nearly everyone who owns an iPhone can upgrade for free to IOS 5, the new SIRI feature only works on the iPhone 4S … and it looks pretty freakin’ amazing in action …

STUFF.TV shows you all the things it can understand and do and at the end, an British accent means SIRI answers you in a British accent!

BTW, the guy in the video keeps pushing the button – you DO NOT have to do it that way!

You can also start practicing your voice commands – here’s a list of what SIRI will understand.

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12 October 2011 iPhone 11 Comments


  • NascarFan says:

    I am still happy with my standard old phone, not to be confused with “the brick phone” but just a regular phone.

    I do not need all those gadgets except maybe once or twice a year at SDCC and Grand National Roadster Show.

    I did hear that finally manufacturers are going to standardize the chargers for one type of plug.

    • NascarFan says:


      I stepped it up and I now own a Droid x2

      Love this phone, the wife’s standard Droid made me a believer in smart phones.

      Not to mention I do not need to buy chargers all over again for this one.

      Wall unit chargers at home, work, and one for the truck.

      Deleted all the “garbage” off the “desktop” of the phone since I do not facebook, nor do

      I need Money Market reports.

  • Stig McQueen says:

    Got my 4S last night. Walked in to the Verizon store at 7:00 and was out with my new black 32g unit by 7:45. Not sure why people found it necessary to camp out overnight…

    • Jack says:

      Yes crazy isn’t it? Some people just need to be first. I had a prior engagement Friday after work but went yesterday evening to Target. No one waiting. Was in and out in 10 minutes with the 4S. I upgraded from 3GS so a big difference there.
      I think if I already had the 4 I wouldn’t bother. Seri is not that different than previous voice applications although it is a little more convenient. The dual processor definitely increases speed also. Pages load super quick. I have a feeling the IPhone 5 is going to be even bigger.

  • Frank says:

    Going have to try this….

    “Do coconuts migrate” or “Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate?”

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    I heard if you ask it “What is the meaning of life?” , it will reply, “To buy here.” ; and direct you to the Apple Store.

    Also, if you ask “Is there really a God?” , it will send you to Steve Jobs biography.

  • John in Missouri says:

    I’d like to see if it knows the answer to “Where’s that confounded bridge?”.

  • John says:

    Take five apples a day?

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