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Making of a Coca-Cola Neon Sign – 1954

Interesting look at the making of a giant neon Coca Cola sign in 1954 …

Instead of a stylus & Photoshop, I believe it was called a pencil, a ruler and paper. And yea, the watch could only tell time – it could not play Mp3’s streamed from your NAS server … freaky.

And people might notice if you made a math mistake …

More photos and the full story at The Creative Review.

You can also view the official Coca Cola Museum online.

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10 October 2011 Design, Food 3 Comments


  • Dunroamin says:

    Somtimes a sign like this is added to keep the stone in place 🙂 Cheaper than re-pointing and you gain a little revenue in the process..I doubt this was the case here…love the drafting board though…oh the good ole days…I’ve seen draftspeople actually dry the ink with a hot cigarette…once burning int he lmouth, one in the hand…I’m glad I only worked about 1 year in a smoking environment…then the boss decided it’s time to get with the times…haha…nuttin like seeing employess march outside in a new england winter to suck on their cancer stick…lol

  • Tom says:

    That is cool, just too bad the sign is covering a building with carved stone details.
    My dad has told me stories of the drafting rooms at Ford. They had rooms full of guys drawin g stuff by hand, every nut and bolt. And yes, they were all men, they all wore suits and smoked incessantly.

  • John in Missouri says:

    That is SO NEAT!!!

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