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The Disney Pixar Cars 2 AppMates iPad Game Hack

Last week, Disney introduced a Free iPad “game” AppMates (essentially an interactive road). By purchasing an accompanying “AppMates” CAR (about the size of the original Mattel Mini Adventures), you could drive your car around the roads on your iPad.

Since the accompanying CARS are not inexpensive and not available online yet, Tom S. decided he would make his own.

“Here is a cheap way to play with a physical cars on the new Cars 2 Appmates iPad game. You simply need to glue or stick a little piece of folded Aluminium Foil Paper on each side (from the side to the bottom / under) of a original Mc Queen Mattel mini cars. The app is free (from the AppStore), download it, select the PaperCut flash and put your hacked cars on top of it. It work great. ENJOY !
Stay tuned, i’m still working on a way to hack each model of the collection… Thank you for watching.”

Here’s his “hack.”

Thanks, Tom S.!

Good luck! Let me know how it works out, though we take NO responsibility for you dragging a diecast car covered with alumnium foil on the screen of your iPad. 🙂

We will stick this to this old, old, old school car driving thinger.



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