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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2: CARS Buying Guide, Matrix & Checklist

With the 5-Packs post earlier today, we are now about 75% through all the available versions in ways to buy CARS 2 CARS.

This checklist is shrunk down to fit our template but if you click on it to download or open in another page or tab, you’ll see it at a more readable size.

This was the original post on singles – an update will be coming.


2-Packs including exclusive Walmart 2-packs called ‘Mater’s Secret Mission.’

3-Packs and Target Racing 4-Packs.

And 5-packs from earlier today.

More to come.

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  • Lorri says:

    Who is Sebastian and why is he not on this list?

  • Adiction101 says:

    I just picked up a Lizzie and a tractor from a former student i bumped into, along with a the first mistake DJ all blue. He just said here your son will like these. I hooked him up with a $20 gift card to Best Buy. I’ve also managed to go through the cars 2 checklist and get it so I will only have 2 doubles.

  • VDC says:

    Is Lizzie coming out in cars 2?

  • zakkur says:


  • CORINNE says:

    WOW, thanks for the tip about family dollar stores . I also found case B in the store. They basically had the same amount of cars you listed. My son keeps saying MOMMY ITS OUR LUCKY DAY !! Only $5.00 each, not bad !!!!

  • elkkthunder says:

    I think the list is missing Carla Veloso as a single- or the watermark is covering it up

  • Micky says:

    Help! My brain hurts trying to figure all this out. Can someone tell me? What Cars are in Case B singles? Also, are all these Cars going to be available on May 16th? If not, what cases (Cars) will be available on May 16th? Any info to help me simplify my May 16th shopping extravaganza will be greatly appreciated LOL.

  • hollywood7 says:

    I feel sad… Nothing In Australia. No hype nothing 🙁 On a disturbing note I MUST HAVE THE ALL!!!!!

  • John in Missouri says:

    I’ve been to 7 different Family Dollar stores in 8 days; 4 of them had Case B, but the other 3 had no shipments.

    Found this odd assortment this morning:

    6x Francesco Bernoulli (should be 3)
    5x Finn McMissile
    4x Lightning McQueen with Racing Wheels
    3x Jeff Gorvette
    2x Race Team Mater (should be 4)
    2x Raoul Caroule
    1x Carla Veloso
    1x Acer
    0x Professor Z (should be 1)

    We later saw a Family Dollar semi on the Interstate, and wondered how much cash it would take to have the driver pull over and open his truck, but we left him alone. 🙂

  • Addiction101 says:

    I just walked into a dollar store and saw the first couple of cases loaded up on the shelf $5 each. I picked up Jeff Gorvette, Prof. Z, Acer, and Raoul Caroule. I t was hard to pass up some of them, but am waiting for the K-mart crew chief multipacks.

  • Kevin says:

    Here are Cars that are not on the list:
    Chauncy Fares
    David Hobbscap
    Guido with headphones and bolt gun
    Lewis Hamilton
    Luigi with headphones
    Mama Topolino
    Prince Wheeliam
    Ramone-Lime Green
    Sarge with headphones
    Sgt. Highgear
    Siddeley as a diecast
    The Queen

    Total 15.
    Did I miss anyone?

  • bobbyjack says:

    Hold on to your Dollar General receipts. They have a 30 day return policy if you are unsatisfied for any reason you can return the merchandise for a refund in the form of original payment. Without a receipt, its only store credit. Didn’t see anything else there I needed. But I do have a receipt dated 4/16/11 w/ 15 Cars on it. Guess I know what I’ll be doing on the 15th next month in anticipation for the next day!

  • quercy says:

    For several months we have complaint because nothing new and now we complaint again because too many… (Don’t worry I am one of them). I agree they should not release too many characters before the movie. The main ones okay but 20-25 is spoiling a bit too much… My theory to explain why they have a strong start…. They have planned to do all the 415 cars from the poster… And more (variants are not counted and we know couple Mater’s Tales have few or none on the market yet and we know some more new stories will come out later this year). Be ready collectors, 2011 will be rich in emotions!

    • Mariela says:

      Agreed!! Too much too early!

      • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

        I have not seen one Cars 2 casting in western Washington State, and, frankly I don’t care to see any yet. I envision early burn out on these toys with the general masses. Yes, there are some collectors on this site, who will buy it all. But, the general public? In the past there has been such a short shelf life on the Cars 1 toys, I wonder how long Cars 2 will be in demand before the next toy of the summer hits the pegs.

        It was nice to collect Cars 1 castings because they bled out into the market place. In my Fred Meyer there was a single stand alone display with the original twelve. Then the next four appeared. Some two packs appeared.

        What will be offered at Christmas time? Will the story line generate enough demand to absorb all the castings? This type is typical of the movie supporting the production of toys. Mattel will make a mint on the toys, but, how much time will pass before Cars 3? Or will Cars 2 be off the shelf/pegs fast to make room for more four minute short cartoons.

        I am not trying to put a damper on the toys, but, has anybody seen the movie to see if the storyline is nothing more than an elongated/stretched out four minute Cartoon?

  • Jinzo says:

    Wow… it’s mind blowing! Have no idea where to start… Think I’ll start with the Regular Single long cards… are store exclusives that different? Like Walmarts, Kmarts, TRU, or Target? I would like to have one of each… but not if they are just packaged together (eg… TRU’s MM with the slider on the side before & after) My wallet is beyond repair now…

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    I hope for the 6 packs there will be:

    Finn McMissile
    Holley Shiftwell
    Professor Zundapp


    Lightning McQueen
    Pit Crew Luigi
    Pit Crew Guido
    Pit Crew Fillmore
    Pit Crew Sarge
    Pit Crew Mater


    Lightning McQueen
    Jeff Gorvette
    Carla Veloso
    Miguel Camino
    Shu Todoroki


    Professor Zundapp
    Fred Fisbowski
    Vladmir Trunknov
    Tyler Trunklis

    I really think that would really save time collecting, don’t you think?

  • BigMOCats says:

    Looks like I’ll be saving a lot of receipts to return multi-packs as the singles come out!

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    they just need to do like Hot Wheels and make a 400-500 car boxed set at the end of the year.

  • bigdogdaddy says:

    I wasn’t going to get Cars2, but after seeing some of these pictures, I’m going to have to!! Fred Meyer is clearancing Cars1, including CarsToons, at 50% off. Can’t beat singles for $1.50, deluxe for $3.50, and 3 packs for $5.24!!

  • Outlawbak says:

    Thinking it may be time to shut off the lights and close the door

  • Wraukn says:

    I don’t know if my brain can take it. If this is how much is coming out in the first few months of the movie’s release, wait till Christmas season! How many versions could be made from these cars? Wet Hydrofoil Finn, Balding Tires Racing Party Wheels Sleeping McQueen, EVERY character without tires to go through the airport checkpoint. I think it will be 10X worse than Cars 1.

  • cac1959 says:

    Time to cross more items off my list… Can’t afford to buy them all… Maybe the sane thing to do would be to stop… but I’ve never been accused of sanity when it comes to my diecast friends!

  • Jack says:

    Here is my plan. Buy everything. Sort it out later.

    • bobbyjack says:

      Unfortunately, I have been following that plan and my wallet is a lot lighter.

    • Eric says:

      Yup, buy what you see and save your receipts. Sort it out over a couple of cold ones… They are going to be hard to pass up regardless of some duplications. From what I have seen so far with the singles and megas (and now the movie moments), these are some good looking Cars, and the abundance of new body styles makes it hard to keep walking by… Thank you Target for your liberal return policy!

      Now instead of looking for characters in the store that you are familiar with from seeing the movie first, you will be in the theater going “Oh, so that’s the guy I now have 8 of thanks to multi-packs”, or “Ahhhh yes, I remember when I found him! He was 1 to a case and it took me 7 Targets, half a tank of gas, and a fast food lunch to finally find him!”

      Good times

  • So many new cars! This is going to be one expensive summer!

  • Man-I-Fold says:

    There may be a demand now for Cars 2 “Shopping Consultants.” Maybe the unemployment rate will drop due to the release of Cars2…. How much do I owe you now Met?

  • I-am-speed says:

    I think I liked it better when the die-cast FOLLOWED the movie. Instead, we’re getting early releases of Cars and previews of Cars that represent characters in a film that we haven’t even seen yet.

    • Dodger says:

      Exactly! That is what I am thinking. I miss the old days of Cars-collecting.
      First seeing the movie and start looking for the main characters.
      And after that seeing it again thinking “how cool would it be if they would
      produce McQueen in his Radiator Springs-colors or please release the
      Elvis RV…”
      But now the show us or release so many cars that we dont even know of…
      ah well…collect em all….

  • Rick says:

    They sucked you in with Cars and now they are going to break you with
    Cars 2. Those poor completists have to be headed toward a mental
    breakdown with this one.

    (MET: Um, yea … 🙂 …).

  • GMinNJ says:

    Crazy… my wife found 4 new cars at the Lord & Taylor in Ridgewood, NJ, just now. Holley Shiftwell, Prof Z, Race Team Mater and Finn…

    Lord & Taylor?…

    (MET: CARS are the crown jewels … 🙂 ).

  • jestrjef says:

    I remember a week or two ago thinking how simple these checklists were going to make things when it comes time to start collecting … but they are making it HARDER!! this is going to be a wild few weeks!! AHHHHHHHH 😆

  • BMW says:

    Its getting complicated. So many choices.

    • oliversmom says:

      I would say- too many duplicates.
      I read your smart plan, and only what 3-4 singles would not be repeated in some kinda pack?
      @,3,4.7-9 packs should be unique but not because of one car, but because of nicely done box, background etc AND special cars.

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