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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2: Target 4-Packs + Revised 3-Packs

The Target 4-packs of (mostly) racers is continuing for CARS 2 – now simply called Racing 4-packs.

Very classy looking … so do you open the singles or the 4-pack? 🙂

They seem to match the eye position and expression of the singles …

The top 3 listed are in CASE A and the 4th one listed here will be part of CASE B.

These 4 should all be available on May 16.

Thanks for the nice pics, “Red Vest Ninja.”

The only CARS in the 4-packs yet to be introduced is the Lighting McQueen Fan CAR.

Also revised – the 3-pack box sets – as the original names were truncated – leading to the false hope there was a submarine included but it was just Finn McMissile as a submarine so while each 3-pack includes one oversized Deluxe CAR, the oversized CARS all appears to be available on single deluxe cars separately. Here is the revised checklist.

The revised buying matrix & checklist for CARS 2 is coming next.


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