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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2: Mainline Singles CASE A

It’s not supposed to break the back room seal until May 16, 2011 but as you might’ve heard, one store seems to have gone ahead – whether it was an accident or on purpose – no idea but what’s done is done so here’s the first case assortment – mainline singles CASE A.

Some things to keep in mind. This will be a MASSIVE LAUNCH so most stores should get plenty on hand, it’s not the current situation where a store might get one shipment – in some cases – store will get multiples and generally CASE B will arrive by May 16 also.

And also, you know you wish there would be more CARS to buy – well, your wish will come true as there are singles, multiples of multi-packs and box sets, etc, etc … top scientists are gathering as we speak to decipher the information and to chart the optimal purchasing solutions. 🙂

Again, stores are not suppose to peg these until May 16, 2011 so don’t expect the unexpected in your area and store … unless they are illiterate so either good luck or bad luck is required. 🙂

This is why online stores have not begun taking orders.


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  • Cody says:

    Are you sure release date is May 16th? and not April 16th?

  • Jinzo says:

    How much are these going to be? Well… guess doesn’t matter :-/ Damn it! I really tried staying out of Cars II line due to crappy distribution of Cars 1 line… well especially FL line… :-/ My guess $5 each sounds about right… Lets see… $5 x 11 = $55.. wow…. 😀

    (MET: WM already said $3.97 … so Target should be $3.99 …).

  • MWH80 says:

    So can we speculate that Professor Z will be the ‘Lizzie’ of this case?

    (MET: I think Lizzie will hold the Lizzie of the line for another 4 years 🙂 ).

  • babychristianscars says:

    Awesome can’t wait.

    Only wis I could find the last final laps an the rest of the cars 1 cars.

  • kdthomas says:

    Well at least you’ll know you won’t have trouble finding the new peg warmer of Finn McMissile. The only thing good about Cars 2 is it will open up a lot of new people to Cars 1 and the prices for those cars will probably increase.

    • Jack says:

      Come on KD. There are a whole bunch of great things about Cars 2. Most of all my son, nephews and even my daughter are looking so forward to seeing the movie and my son is also excited for the new cars.
      This is so much better for us personally than Toy Story 3 and we did enjoy that movie.
      The Cars movie and toy line are enjoyed by so many kids and collectors from all around the world.
      This is such an exciting time to be a Cars fan and Cars collector. We have waited a long time for a sequel.
      I also disagree with you on Finn being a peg Warner. I think Finn is going to be huge. I hear they are going to spin off some shorts or a Car toon line with Finn as a star.
      I bet Many kids will love Finn the spy car with all his gadgets. Heck I hope I can get one that shoots play rockets. I’ll play with that one myself. Better be careful I’m a good shot with a toy rocket launcher. LOL

      • I-am-speed says:

        Jack, KD said many times that he’s not even interested in Cars 2, and supposedly had given up on Cars 1 long ago, yet he’s still complaining, now about things we haven’t even seen on the pegs yet, but now predicting what won’t sell 3 months before we even see the movie.

        • Jack says:

          Yes your right Tim. I know KD hasn’t been a happy Collector lately. I just had to disagree with this statement because I find it so opposite how most collectors feel right now.
          Seeing these Cars 2 cars on car is making me salivate. Not enough to participate in these auctions and compete against people who are willing to spend so much on these just to get them a little sooner though.
          I will wait impatiently. I just wish we were on a level playing field and more collectors and sellers could get them already also. I would like to know how this seller is blessed with getting them ahead of everyone else. Other Mattel dealers I know were told you can order them now but not get them yet.
          I hope we don’t really have to wait 7 more weeks to buy these without having to buy them off EBay. I say open the floodgates and let them out now. There out there already. Let the games begin.

  • Bombero1956 says:

    My local Target had put up Hotwheels where the Cars singles were. The kid working the section told me his manager told him to put up anything he could find to fill the spot.

  • Jack says:

    I just want to find out what stores they were found in and a UPC or DCPI # so I can go on my first Cars 2 hunting mission. Looks like they are starting off with bad case count assortments already though.
    I would imagine the Cars that are only one to a case will be gone very quickly leaving the pegs full of the others. How long before we have Pegs full of McQueens thereby delaying the deliveries of new cases to the stores?

    (MET: No UPC yet but while I can’t guarantee you’ll find every car in that first store, there will be a plenty at launch – in fact, I will say that most people will either need to budget for May-June or devise a nice camouflage so you can hide your CARS 2 stash from your significant others/kids …. 😛 … your CPA will ask, what’s this second biggest expenditure after ‘Property Tax.’).

  • These look sooo nice, I’m starting to get Cars fever again, where is Dr Mater? Mask up or down, I don’t care. Nurse Kori and the twins best help too.

  • I-am-speed says:

    Apparently Kentucky is where they leaked onto the pegs?


    Seller has the entire case listed for sale as individual auctions.

    • Mariela says:

      Yeah..I wonder if he “sneak” the case or was just pure luck to find them in the pegs..of course I asked the seller which store he got those, but not answer yet!
      They look reaaaaaally nice!! 😛

    • King of Cars says:

      Seller on ebay is official Mattel reseller.
      Bought some cases from him a couple of years ago, he will also start to sell complete cases but waits until he knows where to put the price.

      My guess ?:

      Pretty High 🙁

      Also wondering if Mattel is happy with him and why they would ship cases so early to small retailers…

  • Daniel's Dad says:

    which store goofed and put them out early?

  • DjBennett22 says:

    I am exited,this is the first all new case since cars 1, or at least almost.Another thing, i noticed on music video mater his tow cables were thicker and could actually tow other cars, or al least it worked pretty good with rodney. Its gotta be for cars 2 mater.

  • BMW says:

    Regardless of what stores are supposed to do, these are out, they are on ebay already. How in the world can Disney/Pixar or Mattel control what happens once the stores actually have the cases in hand?

    Cars 1 Cars were in stores in April 06. Deja Vu.

    (MET: In theory, it serves everyone’s purpose as the marketing to support the launch is aimed at that particular day-week … most retailers are willing to go along – the manufacturers can penalize a store or chain by withholding or late shipping future shipments … for WM or Target, honestly, they’re really not that afraid but again, if a manufacturer is spending hundreds of millions in advertising & marketing – why not go along with the program … though if I had to pick a retailer, I would say WM … 🙂 ).

  • cac1959 says:

    It does seem odd to me that there’s only 1 Professor Z, 1 Acer, and 1 Grem…all new Cars… unless there’s going to be a 3 pack gift pack of “the bad guys”…

    Now to find out what is going to be in the B case… so we know whether we might be better off waiting on some of the 1 per case Cars as opposed to paying eBay or Amazon prices.

    Lots of empty shelf and peg spaces at Walmart, Target, and Meijer stores in the Dayton (Ohio) area yesterday… and the one TRU store I stopped at had nothing but way too old inventory in all product lines.

    (MET; We still have 6 weeks until the official release date … trust me, more info is coming – come back next week for 2-pack info – you can rest easier. 🙂 ).

    • NascarFan says:

      Nor a Chase car either

      • Fillmore1234 says:

        Definitely Jeff Gorvette, Carla Veloso, Raoul Caroule, and Rod Torque Redline because those were the rest that had numbers. My votes next Lime Green Ramone, Shu Todoroki, Some repeats from the first Case, and maybe a Nigel Gearsley will be the rest of it. Only time will tell…

    • Dunroamin says:

      I thought lot assortment also has to do with weight…It is my understanding that with hasbro and SW figures…they shoot for a certain weight per box for shipping estimates. When you stack a hundred cases on a pallet, the boxes are arranged a certain way and weigh a certain amount…it’s predictable


      they just like us to hunt real hard for the short packed cars

  • NascarFan says:

    I would split a case with some local Utah members, but this seems an odd count to split a case. Might be easier to get them “on the hunt”

  • jestrjef says:

    It is going to be SOOOOOOO exciting to chase down NEW Cards nd NEW Cars! I really love the new Card design. I am a little suprised to see so many characters 1 to a case, but I guess that is just the way Mattel rolls.

    so where was this mystery case opening??? did they get all the way out to the sales floor or just the hatchback of stock boy’s Gremlin?? 😆

  • bobbyjack says:

    Too bad these won’t be out in time for Easter. Wouldn’t these be fun to hunt with the eggs. Now I’m going to have to buy candy too.

  • Dunroamin says:


    just kidding!

  • Micky says:

    All the Targets I’ve been to lately have empty or almost empty pegs. Met, do you think they will not put anything out until May? Seems like a waste of selling space to keep them empty for so long.
    BTW…can’t wait to see these in person 🙂

    • rpag says:

      All the Targets I visit are the same as well. I have had a new thought, what do you think?

      Since May 16 is 6 weeks away, perhaps they are going to push some last minute new C1 cars out?

      • bobbyjack says:

        One Target I went to the other day eliminated 75% of their Cars space. They only left four pegs for Color Changers and two pegs for Final Laps.

      • Micky says:

        Can’t image a retail store wasting that space for so long. I hope they put something “Cars” out instead of filling the pegs with other merchandise. None of my local Targets has gotten in the new lenti case yet. How about putting some of those out or finishing the FL series!

    • I-am-speed says:

      I think we might be seeing a fully intentional cut off of Cars 1 merchandise coming directly from Mattel, not the chains themselves.

      Too much of a similarity between WM and Target in a lack of replenishment for many weeks now.

      In a nutshell, I think we truly have Mattel to hold responsible in the nearly zero distribution, as WM at Target would certainly get them to their stores if they had product to ship out from their warehouses.

      It’s been so long since our WM had a fresh case of singles it’s scary. After their inventory, the shelf tags showed 128 on each one, indicating the TOTAL they should have on all of the pegs combined……..the remains of only ONE case exist, taking up only 2 full pegs out of about 20 pegs available for Cars singles.

      Drier than a desert………… 🙁

      • John says:

        Interesting collection I’ve got a list of the new possibilites of the new disney’s pixar car collection from the classics and maybe to concept prototype to jet propulsion in the future but it’s a long one even from the internet thank you

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