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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2: Toys R Us Exclusive 5-Packs

In addition to everything else, there are 5-packs that are TRU exclusives.

While the 3-packs and Target racing 4-packs do not seem to contain any exclusives not available in another format, the same cannot be said about the 5-packs. Each box contains one exclusive CAR FOR NOW. There are additional TRU 7-packs that are only vaguely identified so some seemingly ‘exclusive’ CAR for now might turn up in another TRU Box Set …


This might be ‘Wasabi Mater.”

Since the 4th 5-pack contains Mater with Bomb as the exclusive CAR, the TBD should be a CAR available in another format.

The buying matrix is updated and is the next post in a couple hours.

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