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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Kmart CARS Days 2 – 5 Day Countdown

This Saturday, June 20, 2009 -11 AM (YOUR local time).

Kmart Banner

What Stores Are Participating?
Official Full List of Stores on our EDITGRID page.

Or at: http://www.editgrid.com/user/takefiveaday/Cars_Collector_Event_June_Store_List

I have sorted it by STATE & ZIP CODE in descending order so it should be easier to search.

If the Store is on the List, It’s 100% Sure They are Participating?
I’d say more like 95% sure … so check by either showing up or calling and asking if the “Disney Diecast CARS event” is happening at 11AM THIS Saturday. Ask for toys or a manager to be certain.Or a true Kmart geek, ask for the “Store Coach.”

It helps if the store is handing these out or has the giant poster version of this …

kmart flyer

Color poster version.


What if they are on the list and they claim to know nothing.
That could be good news, bad news or really, really bad news. There is a 99% chance they are simply mistaken, yea, I know – hard to believe but maybe this way your store will be pretty empty πŸ™‚ … or they are eBayers who are hoarding ALL the CARS (bad news) or really, really bad news (they are really, really not having the event).

There are 1,300 Kmart’s so 1%Β  that means 13 stores will give out the wrong info, for good or bad …

Which Kmart should I go to?
That’s hard to say. Let us know how your decision went.

So, what’s the procedure? Should I line up early?
If it goes according to the rules, every person who is capable of drawing a number (2 years old +?) selects a number and you go in the order so you could show up at 10:55 and draw #1 or draw #20 even though you got there at 8:30 AM so it’s up to you when you want to show up but between 10:30 & 10:45 is probably good plus you can gauge the competition and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Here is a memo from last time outlining the rules …

What’s available in the case?


Which ones should I buy?

Er, Collect them all?

How About a Printable Checklist?
Sure, drag off the chart below and print.


What this about a pre-sale?
Yes, Case K was available for two brief bursts last week. Info HERE and HERE. Sorry, Pre-sale SOLD OUT so now, in store only.

Will they sell CASES after the 20th like last year?
Sure, if there are any left over after the event – extra cases go back to the warehouse – might take a week before we know if any are available. We will try and let you know asap.

Does Lightning McQueen in this CASE K come with “rubber” tires?

You sure, does Lightning McQueen in this CASE K does not come with “rubber” tires?

You really sure, does Lightning McQueen in this CASE K come with “rubber” tires?
What was the question?

I heard there’s a CARS III Day scheduled for Autumn?
Yes, I’ve heard – can we get through this one first? πŸ™‚

Will some of the Piston Cup CARS be coming as Lightyear Launchers, or Pit Row launchers?


I’m confused by the above chart.
That’s not a question.

Will the non-Piston Cup racers be released on the Target “Final Lap” non-lenticular card?
a) You can be certain Lightning McQueen with non-rubber will be in Target CASE A.

b) You can be reasonably certain that Mario in Italian packaging as CHASE will not be back but Mario with red rims as a regular release – ???? Does Mattel count the packaging as the CHASE element or the CAR??????

c) The first scheduled shipment of the “Final Lap” CARS & cards is not shipping until 8/15 and we do not know Target Case assortment A (yet) – so the minimum scenario for now is that it will be at least 2 months or so before we know if more Mini, Todd, Patti or Vitoline Pitty’s are coming … and that’s presuming they are in Target CASE A … they will be back eventually but back in August? Don’t know.


Good luck!


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  • Love4Son says:

    Found this site on the 19th thank goodness! I live 40 minutes from the nearest Kmart and because I dish these things out to my son for good behavior piece meal there is no way I could have him with me while I tried to get 14 cars…no way, so I had to find a sitter and head out early. I was way fortunate and managed to get everything and the staff was very nice and courteous. Thank you Dev!

  • Sherry says:

    Ah, frustration! I tried calling my two ‘local’ KMarts in Hayward and San Leandro, CA. The person who answered at SL said she hadn’t gotten anything about it and didn’t think they were doing anything. ? The person who answered at Hayward said they *are* doing it, but that it will be at 9 a.m. She said to come at 8. It’s a trek for us to get to Hayward, so I’m kind of annoyed by this. This is the first time I’ve even contemplated doing one of these things because my son loves his cars (he’s almost 3), but I’m bothered that they’re not sticking to the rules/doing it at all. Is this normal? If so, I’m disheartened. πŸ™

  • Devon says:

    Thanks for your help nascaranbroncosfan. For some reason I didnt get a new email or a phone call so I tried calling customer service and was told that they were sold out, they weren’t when I ordered but they are now and my box is gone!!! I advised I was on this website and that the message from Dev stated otherwise so she put me on hold and then came back to apologize but the box is gone. I SURE HOPE NOT AS MY 5 YEAR OLD SON HAS HAD A COUNTDOWN FOR TWO WEEKS!!!

  • Nascarfan says:

    I just noticed that SDCC is going to be re-offering Cancelled / Refunded Passes.

  • Nascarfan says:

    Okay, Now………

    you want to see me at work on my own stuff?

    Got a pile of SHIPPED email and I am now sorting orders with SHIPPED email confirmations.

    Yes this is me. Nearly no sleep



    • Nascarfan says:

      Overseas Buyers:

      The SHIPPED Out emails are coming from Kmart.com, slow but sure, and still going thru each initial preorder vs confirmation order, and shipped out email as they come in.

      “”””checkin it twice to see whos naughty n nice.””””

      now you get to see whos helping ya above in the flickr pics.

      News / Update:

      As I said above, I have over half SHIPPED to Utah confirmation emails now. Still waiting on the other shipped email confirmations

      Thanks everybody for hangin tight and keeping with me.


      You should have recieved a private email from me if you were on my Overseas List.

  • Nascarfan says:

    Okay, had my 3hour nap, (only sleep in the last 24 hours)…..

    Looks like everyone is pretty much good to go?


  • BMW says:

    Latest email from Dev Mukherjee a few moments ago…

    Barbara, please tell your fellow collectors that we will support all orders that were made through the pre-sell.

    If they talk to someone at kmart.com or sears.com that tells them something different, give them my name and ask them to call/email me on our internal network.


  • Nascarfan says:


    As Dev stated:

    “85 individuals” , that had problems.

    “I have put all order inventory on-hold so that you don’t lose your orders.”

    this is going to take time.


    I am making sure that your stuff here on TFAD is being resubmitted DIRECTLY to the resubmit team and not overlooked.

    I will not provide their email and phone numbers directly as I was not told to do so openly.

    I am trying to help


    • Micky says:

      Just got this email from Kmart:

      Dear Valued Customer,
      You have recently received an email cancellation notice for the Kmart
      Disney Cars 18 pack.Β  The email states that the item(s) were cancelled
      due to an out-of-stock condition.Β  The cancellation email was sent out
      in error.Β Β  We do apologize for the confusion and any inconvenience. We
      will be fulfilling your order shortly.
      We hope that you will enjoy your Disney Cars 18 Pack Special Case upon
      its expected arrival.
      Most respectfully yours,
      Kmart Customer Care

    • Indykjt says:

      Nascarfan… THANK YOU for all you have done, and CONTINUE to do.

      You and BMW are appreciated by most, if not everyone here, for the work you have put into this since the start!

      I am not too concerned about my order at this point, because Dev originally said everything was shipping the 19th and/or the 22nd… today is only the 17th. I am happy for those of you that are getting shipping info now, as that bodes well for those of us who have placed orders!

      I sincerely hope nobody is taking any frustration out on you about this whole situation… after all, we likely wouldn’t even be having this discussion in the first place if it weren’t for you!


  • Indykjt says:

    So, how many out there have heard nothing this week? My order status on Kmart.com still says “Processing”, but I was just curious how many hadn’t heard anything this week…

  • Whoseline says:

    Can someone tell me what happens if you miss the call? They called me late last night and i missed it. Will they try calling again?

  • BMW says:

    Just heard back from another happy collector who said: Hi Barbara: thank you so much, I just got a call from Sears rep and they asked me for my credit card inofs…. thank you again.. NICE one…. so glad to know you guys.

    So glad that Kevin and I stayed on top of things.
    You should be getting a call directly from Sears.

  • Nascarfan says:

    Now, what major online or brick n motar retailer would do this for US?


    thanks Dev

  • Nascarfan says:

    A Letter From Dev….

    Barbara, KC and Kevin, thanks for all your feedback.

    Here are some updates for you and your fellow collectors.

    1. Pre-sell order cancellations.

    We have identified 85 individuals whose orders were cancelled.

    The email you received was incorrect. The cancellations were not because of an “out of stock”, but for paypal or credit card declines.

    I have a team looking into this to check if there is some systems issues, but so far most of the declines seem to be from paypal or the credit card companies.

    Many financial institutions decline multiple transactions to the same vendor if made during a short time window to limit fraud/errors.

    I have the team calling you individually to confirm you want to “re-run” the transaction or provide a different form of payment.

    We don’t hold all of your information, so we can’t run the transactions again without talking to you.

    Also, given the way the system works, if the payment method is declined again after we talk to you, we may need to call you again.

    However, I have put all order inventory on-hold so that you don’t lose your orders.

    2. Father’s Day event

    The event will take place in all continental US stores this Saturday at 11am local time.

    I spoke to all of the store managers and district managers yesterday on a conference call to discuss the event and give them your feedback on how important it is to follow the guidance on how to run a GREAT event for collectors.

    I would love to get your feedback on stores that do a great job and any stores you see not providing you with a great experience.

    Please let me know who we should congratulate and where we need to help the stores for the next event.

    I will be posting tomorrow a coupon for $5 off any $50 of soda, chips etc that you can use on the day of the event as a thank you from me to all of you for your help and feedback.

    I hope you can use it if you decide to have a trunk sale or any other gathering of Cars fans. I’d like to do more next time, so let me know what you think would be a good way to support collectors who come to these events.

    3. International Orders Many of you have asked about ordering and fulfillment from outside the US.

    I have a team looking into how we can do this both quickly and in a more systematic way for the next event – stay tuned.

    Thanks again for all the feedback. I’ll be in stores this weekend, so look forward to meeting some of you.

    Please let me know if there’s anything else we can do to support you. Dev

    Dev Mukherjee
    SVP & President Seasonal & Toys Business UnitSears Holdings

    • jestrjef says:

      Thanks for all the help, Dev!! I look forward to hearing from a KMART rep so I can say, “YES, please send us those AWESOME Cars!”

      Thanks Kevin and Barbara for all of the work! I know there are quite a few people that will benifit from it, including myself!

      Kudos to all of you!

    • Micky says:

      When he says “you” does he mean he will be calling you (Kevin) or all of the 85 on his list? How does he/his staff have our phone #’s? I have more than enough money in my PP account and also have checking acct backup and CC back. Is this going to cleared up before Saturday?

    • L8rM8r says:

      OK I didn’t see this and you are correct that the regular customer service reps do not know anything about this other than it is canceled and that they can do nothing.

    • cac1959 says:


      I appreciate all your help and effort on this. We Cars collectors are enthusiastic about our collections and many of us go out of our way to help others. I’ve not gotten a confirmation e-mail since my original orders were placed or a cancellation e-mail yet and am hoping that I do not receive the cancellation e-mail. I have been in contact with BMW many times since notice of the pre-order sale on June 3.

      As you’ve noticed through the postings on this site and others, if Mattel builds it and packages it in a case with many new Cars, we will buy it. Many of us buy cases but also go to stores as we hunt for additional new Cars items for ourselves, our children, our grandchildren, and friends both in the US and worldwide. Perhaps for the next event, you can order even more cases and have them available both for pre-order as well as in the stores, and as you said, give international Cars collectors the opportunity to purchase cases on pre-order as well.

      Again, thank you for caring and everything you’ve done thus far to help this second Kmart Cars Collectors Event be a success.

  • Nascarfan says:

    I just got a call from kmart.com-paypal re-authorization team:

    (not devs team) but kmart.com-paypal re-authorization team:

    THEY are WORKING on PayPal issues.

    NO PAYPALS WILL BE RESUBMITED according to Coleen, you have the option to use a major credit card / debit card.

    which I did use another credit card.

    NOW….. they are ALSO handling credit transcations-verifications.

    I volunteered to help this lady.

    I am awaiting her reply.

  • Nascarfan says:

    Dev responded:

    “I will send an update within the hour”

  • Nascarfan says:

    A bit of help:

    I just checked my bank debit card account.

    some have cleared and some have not, aka “pending incoming charges”

    same as my mastercard.

    IF you see COMPLETE CHARGES you are probably 90% home free.

    The shipped emails AND complete charges on your account are probably the final word.

    HOWEVER….. my personal opinion:

    Dont tie up CS reps that dont know whats going on, on the Repair End.

    This will pass and they are working on it.

  • Nascarfan says:

    PayPal Orders:

    Paypals policy is the HOLD FUNDS for 4 days, FOR ANY VENDOR, after that the funds are returned to the account holder. HOWEVER, “said” vendor can resubmit for “said” funds up to 30 days.

    I know this for a FACT

    I am in the same boat.

    Leave YOUR funds in your PayPal account.

    DONT mess with it.


  • Nascarfan says:

    Kmart Day Presales Update Please?

    An email sent to Dev and his team:

    Please be patient for a reply to myself / BMW….

    I sent this:

    Good morning Dev….

    I am asking on behalf of myself and my collector mates on TFAD for a basic update. Been hoopefully helping putting out fires as they arise to keep panic down to a minimum.

    4 topics / questions:

    1. Most of us recieved cancellations and others still are. Now assuming the Retraction Email that was sent out, about cancellations were in error, was meant to correct this and slow the panic, any news I can post for you?

    2. TFAD is going through some server errors of its own, and Met is probably got his hands full fixing TFAD.

    So is there anything I can do FOR YOU and your team that I am not allready doing to help calm the seas?

    3. Myself, I am still concerned about all of my orders as well.

    But is this Customer service people, calling customers and getting calls from customers it seems that they are just not “in the know” here? It would make sense to me that CS reps have limited knowledge and not on the “Repair End” is this the case?

    4. It sorta makes a weird sense that we get confirmations and then over the past 24 hrs cancellations and then confirmations then cancellations again and or 8 cancellations for 6 orders (more than some people ordered)…. this seems to be a fopah.

    Again, anything I can do, let me know.

    thanks Dev.




    West Valley, Utah

    Current URL:

    http://this exact same forum

    I am trying to help.

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    well finally got emails saying 2 orders were cancelled and one confirmed. I’ll take the wait and see approach. Would really stink though seeing as I got both of them in during the first 15 minutes of going live. And I cancelled 2 cases on top of that….

    I think it is an error though because the confirmed case says it was shipped on June 12th.

  • Nascarfan says:

    Mickey, Jeff, Heather…..

    lets give this 30 min. until at least Central time hits 8am.

    I will send an email asking for an update.

    with as many “fires” as I am sure they have to put out, they have a forest fire of customers concerns to deal with.


    Dev was pretty standup guy trying to help all of on TFAD and CtToys.

    I do NOT think he will dump us off to be abandoned

    have some coffee. Let me wake up from some more deprived sleep and let them get in the office if they are not allready there.

    No one has lost more sleep over this from beginning to now than me.

    • Nascarfan says:

      Let me make a comment:

      has anyone even noticed that cancellations DO NOT have specific order numbers?

      I am pretty sure its an error as stated.

      • Micky says:

        Just checked. You’re right, there is no order # on the cancellation email.
        I’m going to calm down and wait to hear from you with (hopefully) good news that this is all just a computer error.
        How can we thank you for all you have done and are doing. I believe good always gets good so I’m sure you’re in for lots of good!

        • Nascarfan says:

          I just think its 3 things:

          yes presale #1 and #2 orders for most people are being “””cancelled””” indiscrimintely…

          It doesnt make sense. then get confirmation again and then cancellations.

          I have had the same 2 paypal invoices okay’d then cancelled, then one okay then both no,

          so I am in the same boat.

          I dont think we are on the Titanic. But I am “bailing” where I cna for everybody here, and BMW for CtToys.

          • Nascarfan says:

            1. HUGE following they never expected.

            2. Software issue for getting orders straight from #1 and #2. ….. Meaning, Customer service operator Joe Blow doesnt know that Customer service Rep Jane Doe just okay’d confirmation an ship emails on Customers A,B,C orders.

            Then they resend cancellations and……..and and and…….(see where I am going with this?)

            3. Kmart and Sears Internet Security have made calls to me and others about multiple orders and even single orders. They UNDERESTIMATED the huge draw this was.

        • Nascarfan says:

          Find me a saturday sdcc ticket?

          composing an email to Dev and his team right now

  • Dunroamin says:

    I’m 1 for 2 with the kmart cases, 1 cancelled, one shipped…still waiting to hear about my third…fortunately, I had some else order it for me…fingers are crossed…looks like I might have to go to Kmart day afterall…hope my TBall game doesn’t go into extra innings πŸ™‚

  • Ok…so…woke up this morning to find I had gotten TWO cancelation emails and ONE order processing confirmation at the same time!?

    Looked at my CC account to see what KM charged. They charged me for all my orders but they charged each case individually. They also only applied one of the $5 off coupons.

    Should I bother calling about the other $5 off coupon not being applied or should I just count my blessings that I’ll be getting my cases? πŸ˜‰

  • lost says:

    just got this e-mail for good ole kmart.
    after getting a confirmation# the day of the 2nd pre-order. Dear Kmart.com Customer,

    Thank you for shopping at Kmart.com. Unfortunately, demand for the item(s) that you ordered was so great; we do not have any more in stock. Consequently, we are not charging your credit card and canceling the order for the following item(s):

    Canceled Items for this Address:
    Cars Collector Event 18 Pack
    Item #: 004W025571110001
    Qty. Canceled: 1
    Date Canceled: 17-Jun-2009
    Price: $65.99

  • FuturePixarGoddess says:

    geez Youd think that we are thesmartest people on the planet because no one else expects things to work out or sell out like they ALWAYS do! sheesh

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    no emails here yet….

  • Nascarfan says:

    3 of mine are showing scheduled delivery 6-22

  • rumbler74 says:

    Just tracked my order from Kmart:

    Tracking Detail | Help

    Your package is on time with a scheduled delivery date of 06/19/2009.

    Tracking Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Type: Package
    Status: In Transit – On Time
    Scheduled Delivery: 06/19/2009
    Shipped To: HELLAREDO, TX, US
    Shipped/Billed On: 06/16/2009
    Service: GROUND
    Weight: 5.00 Lbs
    Multiple Packages: 3

  • handoe213 says:

    I havent received any confirmation or cancellation for my box, should i worry?

  • Nascarfan says:


    Sears reps are calling others and making sure your orders are restored.

    (from a few of my local club members) and I have gotten a call too.

    be patient.

  • Albert Hinkey says:

    I now have tracking numbers on my orders. They are shipping today/tomorrow! Great news!

  • iamspeed says:

    MET, can we somehow manage a COUNTDOWN TIMER to the 11:00 Eastern Time Saturday start time for CARS Day 2???

  • Nascarfan says:


    Dear Valued Customer, You have recently received an email cancellation notice for the Kmart Disney Cars 18 pack. The email states that the item(s) were cancelled due to an out-of-stock condition. The cancellation email was sent out in error. We do apologize for the confusion and any inconvenience. Wewill be fulfilling your order shortly. We hope that you will enjoy your Disney Cars 18 Pack Special Case upon its expected arrival. Most respectfully yours, Kmart Customer Care

  • Roswell says:

    hay, Uk people,
    im collecting the MSOTS racers outside the MSOTS set, but which ones have been released so far?

    as far as i can remember i got:
    Nitroade, LeakLess, RPM as Singles
    Gasprin & TowCap as Movie Moments
    TrunkFresh, NoStall, ShineyWax, Retread as Launchers

    Any I’ve Missed?

    (MET: new checklist last week).

  • Nascarfan says:

    SHIPPED EMAILS NOW coming out

  • Nascarfan says:



    and even more……..YES……

    thanks Dev.

    keep ’em coming….

    Rollin Rollin Rollin……keep them doggies movin….


  • PirateDad says:

    I had Kmart Security call me today and they were going to cancel my cases cuz I used a dif address than the Credit Card one, but after a couple of answered questions, my cases are confirmed and being shipped to my US address….WHOOP WHOOP!!!

  • iamspeed says:

    I stopped by one of our Kmarts on Monday to verify that they were participating(again).

    They said “yes”, and that “the cases are tucked away in the manager’s office…….one had accidentally been opened, but is complete.”

  • Edge says:

    Did the complaint get you anywhere? Because I sent them a complaint about the pre-order mess, with a request to see what was going on with my order, and I got a reply “Your request requires further research. We will get back to you”. Haven’t heard from them since. Bah…

    • Bombero1956 says:

      Yes and no. My complaint resulted in my being able to have a box to pick through. Unfortunately it nothing but pegwarmers in it. Oh and the manager apologized profusely which got exactly zilch. I check that store on the way home tonight and they do have the sign announcing the event this Saturday. We’ll see if they “misplace” the cases again this time.

  • Bombero1956 says:

    We have 1 store within 3 miles and another 10 miles away. Last time I contacted the store nearest me and asked about the event, of course the manager knew nothing about it so I went to the store further away. The following Monday I stopped at the store near my home and found out that they had “misplaced the cases” and just put them out on the pegs on Saturday afternoon. There wasn’t anything left worth getting by the time I got there. Needless to say I complained via the K-Mart website.

  • Lorri says:

    Just got a phone call. Caller ID identified it as SEARS. The guy calling was calling to confirm my order(s). They are all coming. 2 of them I got an email confirmation for last night. But he says all of them are coming, just that 2 of them got “auto-confirmed”.
    But the most important thing is he said they are shipping TODAY or TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel says:

    Does Lightning McQueen come with rubber tires?

  • Aaron and Jeanne from Joplin Missouri says:

    I’m so excited! hah eventhough i already hopefully have 2 cases on the way.. it will still be fun to get extras to share!!

  • They want to dump the leftovers in a plastic bin? Total insanity!

  • LiamsMom says:

    I am sooo excited. It has been a long time since we have bought a new car in a store. I also have my Mom going to a different Kmart far, far away. We are going to get them all, one way or aother…

  • jestrjef says:

    Boys and girls, make sure you call the one you want to visit!

    The one we visited last year found out 3 weeks ago they are closing, but they are still on the list. We did not find until SATURDAY when we stopped in. No Kmart Cars Day for them!!

    It should be a great day. Make sure to enjoy every bit of it! We will be making it a family fun trip!!

    Of course, it will be nicer if our KMART case order goes through. It will be significantly MORE stressful if we become the victom of CASE cancellation. Fingers and toes crossed for everyone that preordered!!

    • Edge says:

      With so many wonderful people on this site willing to help a fellow TFAD’er out, I don’t see why any of this should be stressful in any way. Should the remote possibility arise that you can’t get ANY of the K-Mart CARS, I’m sure some people on this site will have extras to offer!

  • applefinatic says:

    i saw some minis vitoline pittys and many of the rubber tire racers on ebay but they r really expensive so i’ll wait until saturday

  • kd says:

    Met, Last year you had some info on boxes and cases, maybe due to the minis. Do you any info? My store said they have 3 boxes. I said 3 small boxes? He said 3 good size boxes. Any way I can estimate how many cases they have? I wish I caught the presale. I hate this not knowing. Last year turned out good for me but never know what will happen this year. Ugh! the stress.

    (MET: Still 18 to a case so 3 Master Carton equals 18 Cases within (or 18 cases of 18) … most likely not just 3 cases of 18).

  • tuch says:

    wow it’s going to be one haeck of weekend and oh yea how bout them Pittsburgh Penguins!!!!!!!!

  • Micky says:

    Can hardly wait!

  • BMW says:

    Met, as you know some pre sale cases are cancelling. My orders went through, got the confirmations last night at midnight.

    • Nascarfan says:

      Devs Team and Kmart online security team is working on this

    • BMW says:

      Barbara, please tell your fellow collectors that we will support all orders that were made through the pre-sell.

      If they talk to someone at kmart.com or sears.com that tells them something different, give them my name and ask them to call/email me on our internal network.


  • chuki_mama says:


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