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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: You Ain’t Nothing Yet (2009-2010)

With the “more to come” listing and announcement of “40” CARS to come on the back of the forthcoming Target “classics” CARS … some things to clear up …

The “40” list is a ‘general listing’ for August 2009 to October 2010.

As always, just because it’s on a list does not mean it will come out in that time frame nor does it mean if something is not on that list, it mght come out anyway …


Because we will also get these as three-packs … again, tentatively listing and things could change …


Ferrari F430 with the Maserati buds, Costanzo & Antonio …


Jumping McQueen with Damaged No Stall & Damaged Leak Less


Waitress Mia, Waitress Tia & Flo …

And while not scheduled as a 4-pack, I think they are CHASE CARS … the Tuners with Tar … (each sold separately).

Impound Tar

So stay tuned and keep checking … much more to come and 40 is just a starting point … you what they say about the Final Lap? Go like …….!!!!!!!!!!!!

And there’s a little something called the Mater Tall Tales, Storytellers, megasize, 3-packs, lightyear launchers, launchers, movie moments, haulers, lenticulars, chase … more promos mailaways? Kmart Days III, IV, V? Paging Matty? Yea, a dull 22 months until CARS2 …


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