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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Your Kmart CARS Day Cases Correct or Not? (UPDATE – Number Range)
Posted in diecast, Mattel Disney Pixar CARS on 22 June 2009
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Take the poll on the right as your box comes in … (If you bought more than 1 box, you have to REFRESH or RELOAD this browser page to vote again. I’m working on showing you results). Should look something like this (photos courtesy of Kevin Nascar-BroncosFan) And NOT like this … While some have […]

Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: A Golden McQueen For The Golden Age of CARS …
Posted in Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, Retail, Toys on 22 June 2009
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It’s gold, baby … It’s all gold. Well, Gold Ransburg. Final details are still murky but it’s coming with a DVD at Christmas time. Possible Configurations? CARS movie DVD packaged with this Gold Ransburg McQueen? CARS movie DVD and Mater Tall Tales Shorts on a separate DVD + this Gold Ransburg McQueen? Mater Tall Tales […]