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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Faux Wheel Drive

Not an official US  re-release so not on the US checklist (outside of its release in the Motor Speedway of the South set) but still fun to have an extra one …

For those making sure that your Faux Wheel Drive is an official Mattel promo CAR, here is the official baggie along with the codes on the stickers attached to the qualifying CAR purchases.

(Note – Baggie reads N9991 – Faux Wheel Drive if you want to verify its authenticity from this promotions – not sure if German promo is the same bag?)


German promo ends at the end of the year – UK promo runs until January 31, 2009 – hopefully, they are easier to find now.

For UKers, read this post for more details and buying advice from Dave S.

Thanks Dave S.!

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