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Disney Pixar CARS: Fingerboard Skateboards & Soup

If you want to to collect other CARS items with wheels, the skateboard fingerboards from Imperial Toys are fun … though hard to find …

This is usually available at Walgreen’s – at least before Christmas – it was priced as $5.99 (? Can’t actually remember – somewhere around there) though you could get 1 free if you buy 2 … the 4 designs in the 5-pack here are not available in the individual packs.

There are three individual ones but I’ve never seen them anywhere actually on the shelves. A couple different people sent me the following photos – sorry, misplaced your names …


They also make a Toy Story ones and some Power Ranger ones … if you happen to run across the individual CARS ones, drop me an email … I can trade you a 5-pack 🙂

They are not as easy to find as the Tech Deck ones which are available nearly everywhere …


And after a hard day of finger boarding, what better than some soup?


New? Or just new to me? I remember the CARS canned spaghetti but I guess I don’t buy much Campbell’s Soup so these might have been out for 2 years? Hey, it’s “Kid Approved Taste” for whatever that’s worth.

Remember, an entire lab at Campbell’s worked long into the night to make some enriched flour into a shape that vaguely resembles a CAR character … Fillmore seems very profound – modern art at its finest and edible!

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