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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: The Pyro Custom – Burnt Lightning McQueen

First, do not do this at home unless you are a trained professional … next thing you know …

But if you can’t wait until June until the CAR TOONS Rescue Squad Mater comes out …

Sander P. has done a Burnt Lightning McQueen …

Thanks for the nice pics, Sander P.

So, remember not to stand next to oily rags, drums of gasoline, dynamite**, or gunpowder**, and remember that flammable and inflammable mean the same thing.

** unless you are Wile E. Coyote or Daffy Duck, then you get all funny black singed but you’ll be okay in a few frames.

Kids, please stand by with a fire extinguisher to hose down the adult … er, good luck … and remember, in 2018, they might release the Storyteller book, “The Great Diecast Fire of Radiator Springs” so get the jump on the CHARRED series of CARS.

“I’ll trade you Heap of Ash Chuki for Smoke Inhalation Kori.”

UPDATE: Brandon of the Drive In Gallery also made his own Burnt Lightning McQueen …

Very nice …

You can view the rest at:





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