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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: CARS Toons Diecasts – Rescue Squad Mater

Keep in mind they just finished these a month ago so it will take a while to sculpt, get approvals, create molds, make them and ship them to us … so don’t start holding your breath just yet, we still have 6 months but clear out your shelves, convert your gold hoard to cash … here is a preliminary list that will probably change but it’s fun to look at anyway …

Since Rescue Squad Mater was finished first, it is the most complete list but the list for the others grow shorter and shorter and since Tokyo Mater was only completed a few weeks ago, there is nothing on the list for that one yet but there are about 50 CARS featured in that short so …

But anyway, here is the diecast list and packaging list for RESCUE SQUAD MATER.

Again, no release date for the diecasts and for those who spit on Expanded Universe CARS, you might want to work in the garden or shovel your neighbor’s snow, whatever you do, do not scroll further …

The good news – NOT EXCLUSIVES … there was some rumblings about it but NOT EXCLUSIVES so no having to root through the gardening section or on eBay – will be available everywhere. But again – probably not for 6 months or so … well, I guess we’ll just to buy the other 100 CARS, HAULERS, MEGASIZED, STORYTELLERS, etc … in the meanwhile …


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  • MrQuick says:

    I have found Rescue squad Maters for sale on Ebay, Does anyone know what’s up with that. How can they already be on Ebay if it is not released yet , and it looks like there is two different versions. are these Legit ?

    (MET: If it’s “in hand,” yes, illegally acquired. If it’s a pre-sale, technically, it’s more than 30 days away from release so not legally acceptable to sell).

  • Carlos says:

    When do these come out, I want the ambulance, reporter and crowd car.

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