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Mattel Pixar Diecast CARS: Available at Mervyn’s & Long’s Drugs

I think the last time I was in a Mervyn’s was in 2006 because I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from another that they had CARS … back in day when you had to wonder if all the 12 or 16 CARS featured on the back of card actually existed …

Well, it’s like 2006, 2007 and 2008 all rolled into one – yes, they are CARS on the shelf and priced nicely. I didn’t really buy anything as I had everything they were selling. I was thinking about gettng the Step-On-Speedway thing but it was on top of the 15-foot shelf and I was too lazy to look for an employee but if you are hesitating about the Pit Row Race Off launchers, looks like they had most of them at 40% off.

In fact, some Mattel sales person is getting a nice bonus, it looks like they managed to sell the remaining Speed Racer CARS, overstock Batman stuff and a bunch of SC stuff returned by Target & WM (presumably) all to Mervyn’s, the whole toy section seems to only be selling Mattel stuff – impressive sales job!

Since I see Cactus McQueen, it’s safe to presume CASE R made an appearance … okay a few too many Lizzie’s but at least 6-7 CARS choices so not too shabby. A good starter to CARS collecting selection. The singles are the only CARS not heavily discounted but the 3-packs are $7.19 and the most of the multi-packs are 30-40% off … now they have marked them a little so for instance, the 3-packs are 40% off $12.00 but still nice at $7.19 … They are the only place selling the Mini’s 9-pack at @$17.99 after discount so not bad.

I even wandered next door to Long’s Drugs to see what their selection looked like … more typical …

Yep, the pullbacks look pretty pristine so now’s your chance to start and complete that in one fell swoop 🙂

I also went to JC Penneys – couldn’t find a toy section, presume it’ll be up for the holidays in the next week or so?

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