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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: TRU Buy 5, Get Sidewall Shine Piston Cup Racer – Active & Up

Thanks to “MJ” of Ohio who saw the flyer first, the website and promotion is real and active.

“Buy five Disney/Pixar’s CARS character toys and we’ll send you a Sidewall Shine car!”

(in a very nice display case BTW).

Buy five CARS character toys at a participating Toys ‘R’ Us location from August 18, 2008, to September 30, 2008. Cars must be from the UPC codes listed on the OFFICIAL TERMS & CONDITIONS.

Mail the original cash register receipt(s), five blister cards (the entire cardboard piece, but not the car or plastic window) for each vehicle you order (limit of 10 vehicles per household), and the COMPLETED ORDER FORM (fill out the form and print it), along with $5.00 US shipping and processing for each vehicle you order (check or money order only, made payable to MATTEL) to:

Toys ‘R’ Us Racer Offer
P.O. Box 1229
East Aurora, NY 14052

PLEASE NOTE: All requests must be postmarked by October 15 and received by October 31. Limit of one Sidewall Shine vehicle for every five CARS character toys you purchase within the promotional period, regardless of how many receipts those five cars are on. Offer is limited to ten Sidewall Shine vehicles per household per promotional period. Allow 8 – 12 weeks for receipt of vehicle.

You can also pay online (via link at end of this post) – that will generate a number that links to your payment – include that printout with the cards & receipts to complete the process. That certainly sees to increase the problem of matching up your receipts and cardbacks to your payment but why not live life on the edge? 🙂

And yes, while it asks you to select a country for this offer, there is only ONE listed and no Canada is not a choice … sorry.

List of Eligible CARS (see those at the bottom of the list – guess we know what format those three “mysterious”Piston Cup Racers are coming in 🙂  )

Other than the three Piston Cup Race CARS we already discussed in the Piston Cup coming next post, there are some others that could come out in the next six weeks but we have no info beyond the next case (T) which features “re-scaled” Fred & Axle Accelerator … though NOTE, this looks like a list I saw in early Spring so while we could potentially see the “new” ones in the next 6 weeks, it looks more like they just grabbed all the singles UPC’s assigned for 2008 so while Saluting Sarge was assigned a UPC and scheduled for July, whether he shows up in the next six weeks is more of a guess than a firm peek into the future.



027084 47640 8       K4586 CARS RAMONE (yellow)

027084 47641 5       K4587 CARS BOOST

027084 47642 2       K4588 CARS FABULOUS HUDSON HORNET

027084 47643 9       K4589 CARS YOUNG MATER

027084 47645 3       K4591 CARS HAMM

027084 47646 0       K4592 CARS FERRARI F430

027084 47647 7       K4593 CARS CRUISIN’ LIGHTNING McQUEEN

027084 49401 3       L4143 CARS DIRT TRACK LIGHTNING McQUEEN

027084 49403 7       L4145 CARS HYDRAULIC RAMONE

027084 49404 4       L4146 CARS RAMONE (purple)

027084 49405 1       L4147 CARS TEX DINOCO

027084 49406 8       L4148 CARS RPM #64

027084 49407 5       L4149 CARS BOB CUTLASS

027084 49408 2       L4150 CARS DARRELL CARTRIP

027084 49409 9       L4151 CARS FRED

027084 49410 5       L4152 CARS DALE EARNHARDT JR.

027084 49411 2       L4153 CARS MARIO ANDRETTI

027084 49413 6       L4155 CARS YETI THE ABOMINABLE SNOWPLOW

027084 49414 3       L4156 CARS DINOCO HELICOPTER

027084 50397 5       L5251 CARS LIGHTNING McQUEEN

027084 50398 2       L5252 CARS SALLY

027084 50399 9       L5253 CARS MATER

027084 50400 2       L5254 CARS SHERIFF

027084 50401 9       L5255 CARS DOC HUDSON

027084 50402 6       L5256 CARS LIZZIE

027084 50403 3       L5257 CARS CHICK HICKS

027084 50404 0       L5258 CARS THE KING

027084 50405 7       L5259 CARS WINGO

027084 50406 4       L5260 CARS DJ

027084 50407 1       L5261 CARS DINOCO LIGHTNING McQUEEN

027084 50408 8       L5262 CARS RAMONE (green)

027084 50409 5       L5263 CARS NITROADE

027084 50410 1       L5264 CARS LEAK LESS

027084 51753 8       L6550 CARS BUG FACE LIGHTNING McQUEEN

027084 51754 5       L6551 CARS BLING-BLING LIGHTNING McQUEEN

027084 51755 2       L6552 CARS DINOCO CHICK HICKS

027084 51756 9       L6553 CARS TONGUE LIGHTNING McQUEEN

027084 51757 6       L6554 CARS CARS OLD SCHOOL RAMONE

027084 55985 9       M1252 CARS FILLMORE

027084 55987 3       M1254 CARS SNOT ROD


027084 56964 3       M2320 CARS TOW

027084 56965 0       M2321 CARS CHUKI

027084 56966 7       M2322 CARS PIT CREW MEMBER FILLMORE

027084 56967 4       M2323 CARS LIGHTNING RAMONE

027084 58369 4       M4240 CARS NOT CHUCK

027084 58370 0       M4241 CARS GUIDO

027084 58371 7       M4242 CARS RACE OFFICIAL TOM

027084 59326 6       M5253 CARS VAN

027084 59327 3       M5254 CARS CACTUS LIGHTNING McQUEEN

027084 59328 0       M5255 CARS GHOSTLIGHT RAMONE

027084 59329 7       M5256 CARS AL OFT THE LIGHTYEAR BLIMP

027084 59331 0       M5258 CARS PISTON CUP PACE CAR

027084 59332 7       M5259 CARS KORI TURBOWITZ

027084 59964 0       M6099 CARS DINOCO PITTY

027084 59971 8       M6106 CARS OCTANE GAIN PITTY

027084 59975 6       M6110 CARS STACY

027084 59977 0       M6112 CARS KATHY COPTER

027084 59978 7       M6113 CARS RON HOVER

027084 59979 4       M6114 CARS SPIN OUT LIGHTNING McQUEEN

027084 59980 0       M6115 CARS AXLE ACCELERATOR

027084 59984 8       M6119 CARS CHIEF NO STALL

027084 59985 5       M6120 CARS TAR LIGHTNING McQUEEN

027084 59987 9       M6122 CARS PETROL PULASKI

027084 59990 9       M6125 CARS DEXTER HOOVER

027084 64142 4       N0929 CARS SALUTING SARGE

027084 65482 0       N2481 CARS LEROY TRAFFIK

027084 65484 4       N2483 CARS TANK COAT PITTY

027084 65485 1       N2484 CARS NITROADE PITTY

027084 65487 5       N2486 CARS EDWIN KRANKS

027084 65489 9       N2488 CARS FRED

027084 65490 5       N2489 CARS CHIEF RPM

027084 65491 2       N2490 CARS SALLY WITH CONE

027084 70745 8       N8471 CARS LIGHTNING McQUEEN (with bumper stickers)

027084 70746 5       N8472 CARS FRED  (with bumper stickers)

027084 70788 5       N8514 CARS SHINY WAX

027084 70789 2       N8515 CARS SPAREMINT

027084 71726 6       N9860 CARS SPUTTERSTOP

027084 71727 3       N9861 CARS TRANSBERRY  JUICE

027084 71728 0       N9862 CARS VIEW ZEEN

Mattel-Toys R Us promotions website here.

Legal details here.

Good luck and happy shopping!

As noted, mail just the cardboard and NOT the CAR back 🙂 …

Does purchases at TRU.com count? Hard to say – anyone want to call up the 800 number and ask? It says ‘participating TRU store’ so isn’t TRU.com a TRU store? Unsure – so better ask before buying from TRU.com.


“Participating Toys R Us”?

I think the participating store thing is just legal weasel-ese (sorry to lawyers reading this 🙂 ) … since TRU are all company owned stores, hard not to participate but I believe that’s their legal recourse if they have no single CARS to sell you (“we’re not partcipating.”)

As for the flyer, it’s just a flyer apparently as there does not seem to be room to fill in your contact info. It’s a helpful guide for double-checking UPC codes (as long as it’s on a WOC card, you’re 100% okay) but beyond that, you can just send in all your info by writing your contact info on a piece of paper, along with receipts, the 5 cards & $5 check OR you can start the process online. So, as long as it’s a TRU receipt within the time period + the other requirements, you are set.

NOTE: if your store has SUPERCHARGED versions of CARS, be sure the UPC matches for CARS released as SUPERCHARGED and on WORLD OF CARS cards. I have not checked that closely so just warning you.

“DisneyCarsFanatic” was kind enough to post their conversation and call to Mattel customer service …

I spoke with Laura from Mattel customer service today regarding the requirements for this 5 for 1 promotion.

While the Mattel 5 for 1 promo web site does states that you must mail in five blister cards (the entire cardboard piece, but not the car or plastic window), it is not clear that the portion containing the UPC is required; as the UPC is not part of the cardboard piece.

However, Laura states that this was an oversight that they just learned of yesterday. She confirmed with the promotion team that you must send in both the back card and the name card (the card on the bottom with the UPC). In other words, send in everything other than the car and the plastic window.

For those of you, like me, who did not include the UPC portion, Mattel with give us an opportunity to submit the UPC portion.

However, for those who have thrown away the UPC portion, Laura does not know if those will be honored. Obviously, I suggested that in good faith Mattel should honor those submissions as it is not stated in the promotion that the UPC is required. She has my contact information and plans to follow up with more information.

In the meantime, if you feel compelled to contact Mattel here is the number: 800-524-8697

Finally, I requested that they change their web site to indicate that the UPC is now required.

In Sum…

1) Buy 5 Disney Cars (yep the peg warmers)
2) Photocopy your receipt, the UPC codes and your completed form
3) Mail a) your original receipt(s) dated from August 18, 2008, to September 30, 2008, b) 5 blister cards and UPC card (all cardboard pieces, but not the car or plastic window) for each vehicle you are requesting (limit 10 Sidewall Shine vehicles per household), c) a completed order form (before sending make copies of all materials for your files) and d) a check or money order (unless you pay online via credit card) payable to MATTEL for $5.00 shipping and processing for each vehicle.”

Part II to this post is LINKED HERE.

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