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Okay, Now I Understand Why People Call eBay, FleaBay

Now I understand why eBay turned off the SELLER FEEDBACK spigot because of sellers like this …

Humm, not exactly arriving in MINT ON CARD condition … well if you discount the:





Other than that, it’s still “rare!”

Gee, how could this happen … after all, they sent it in a grocery sack …

Wait, strike that – maybe a full grocery bag might’ve protected an item with a blister and has different heights … this one came in HALF A GROCERY SACK …

And for padding? The invoice receipt.

You know, padding or packing material is an encompassing term – newspaper, strips of paper, peanuts, etc, etc …but unless you’re mailing a toothpick … an printed receipt invoice is really not padding … as in that it doesn’t really provide much padding in the definition of ‘padding.’

Oh yeah and call me crazy but when I mail things, I like to use either an envelope or a box.

Am I wrong here? People still use envelopes & boxes? Well, other than this person?

Is that not written in the rules of eBay somewhere? When mailing items to people, use an envelope or a box? Does one really need to point that out in the 21st century?

I always thought that MESSAGE TO SELLER box was pointless but clearly I should have noted – I really, really prefer if you use envelope or a box- in fact, I might even insist on one. Plus, some sort of packing material?

Are there also other checkboxes I missed?

Do not smash object I bought with a giant rock.
Please do not spit on purchased item.
Please write my specific address on the front WITH postage …

FleaBay indeed.

Hello, anyone in there?

I wonder who got the other half of the grocery sack? At least my end had a base though other than it not falling through to the pavement and a dingo carrying it off … what didn’t happen to the card? the card went through at least 5 inter-dimensional gyrations and barely survived Gustav, Harriet and Ike apparently.

(sorry if your house blew away from forementioned hurricanes  – I’m ranting on something important here … oops, never mind – EARTHQUAKE!)

When I’m using them to carry in my groceries, I guess the thought never occurred to me I can start an entire home business just with these!

Um, so anyone with an extra SNOT ROD on WOC and have access to a box, envelope & packing material, let me know … I know that’s asking a lot but you know us Californians, we have high standards … EARTHQUAKE!

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