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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Comic Con 2008 – The Beginning of the Golden Age

Wandering into the Mattel booth was like stepping in some dream world candy-like shop where it was all edible and seemed too good to be true. I kept asking people to pinch me …

Well, okay, just these two in the Mattel booth …

Um … oh yeah, where was I again, oh yeah, diecast CARS.

Whether you have been collecting since April 2006 or just joined recently, we are now entering the Golden Age of CARS.

Now, I am not saying everything is peachy keen and that everything is perfect but then what in life is? But that makes the quest all the more interesting.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it all starts with the quality of the line – for those that don’t know, the Mattel CARS design team is lead by Martin Arriola. Everything since 2007 has been designed under his guidance. Of course, Pixar & John Lassetter keeps their close hand in what they will approve but wihout quality & lovingly crafted CARS to approve, we’ve got nothing.

For those who are new to collecting or new to collecting CARS, it’s staggering what has been released and what is about to be released. For most movies or licensed properties, with the notable exception of Star Wars, a few months work of releases will do and then you lament what could’ve been. For nearly every other property – after 2+ years, it’s either long dead or just plodding along – a few scattered releases here and there but not CARS.

With CARS, we have gotten about 130 of the original named 217 characters and even after an unheard of massive release such as the Motor Speedway of the South and you think that is the final turn for home as it were, this Comic Con proves that’s we’re just a few laps into this thing.

Sure, it’s not easy being a completist in this line but then if it’s too easy, what’s the point? If it’s not sought after, why would you want it right? 🙂

For those long time collectors, of course, we’re all caught up and just want the latest but for the thousands of kids turning 2-year’s old today, you have to start with Lightning-Mater and even Ramone … don’t tell them the CARS listed on the back of the card is not a complete listing 🙂

And of course, there are stores that are over-stocked but there are equally the same number of stores understocked … that’s just the reality of retail today. You have three major chains who want exclusives and who use toys just to pull people in to buy paper towels and diapers so they treat toys with dis-interest and interest when it serves their purpose. To them, it’s all just product, it’s not like the toy stores you see in the movies anymore … which makes CARS all the more amazing.

With CARS, it’s not just the interest after 27 months (What is the shelf life span of Van or Luke or Kathy Copter?) 5-minutes? It’s not just the depth of characters that hold people’s interest (140 CARS later, what other line has people fighting over a helicopter that has two lines in the movie and probably is on the screen for 20-seconds?), it’s not just the art of capturing each character and it’s not the amazing dozens of new CARS shown at Comic Con 2008 … but it’s pretty all of that …

In the next few days, you are going to see an amazing amount of artistry, craftmanship and pure fun that’s coming.

And in the next 6 months, an amazing amount of fun, artistry and diecast are going to hit the store shelves and then your shelves … enjoy it!

As Benjamin Franklin might say, “Woohoo! Kachow!”

First up, the CHASE CARS.


Follow up & Details of THE STORYTELLERS SERIES of books & CARS.

And the beginning of 36 PISTON CUP TRUCK TRAILERS to Come …

The Mini’s

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