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Political Punditry On “The Race” So Far

Ron Paul was recently asked about Dennis Kucinich becoming his running mate which he supported.  That’s like a fat chick asking her fatter roomate to attend the Tappa Kegga Beer house party…no one cares and worse they get ignored like hippie at a VFW bar.

While the Republicans race toward mediocrity, the Democrats are finally waking up to the fact that there ‘love-in’ with Billary had better end quickly if any of the Donkey party contenders have a prayer on making it past the first two caucuses.

Obama is cranking up the numbers in the latest Iowa polling as is Edwards which is making Billary’s crew pour more money and other resources into the state that they would rather spend elsewhere.

My favorite Republican contender is also showing some Iowa poll steam.  Mike Huckabee is now ranking second in polling in Iowa.  Since he is the most straight talking and non-waffling aspirant in either party of course the media is scared to death of him as that means low Nielsen ratings (and let’s face it – 99% of MSM hate anything Republican).

There are those in the “press” who are already trying to shut down Huckabee’s momentum by saying “OK, Huckabee wins Iowa.  So what?  What does he do for an encore?”.  I’ll tell you what he does.  He starts to  quickly attract money and attention which is what those that lag behind do (not too many people remember the low 7% polling in Iowa that Kerry had going into that caucus and guess who ended up with the nomination?)

McCain drags too much baggage around with him and has stopped short of saying the one thing he should which is that Bush #2 has totally screwed up by allowing Cheney to yank him around by his short hairs.  Loyalty in politics is not something you want to be known for believe it or not (look at how often Reagan dumped his cronies when the political winds changed – Bush should have co-opted that playbook by dumping Cheney and several others going into round 2 but that is wishful thinking at this stage).

The scariest part off this coming presidential election isn’t who is running so much (although there is plenty to be scared of there).  It is in not hearing a dang thing about who is waiting in the wings of each candidate to suckel at the Washington teat.  Just who would any of these people choose for a VP running mate?

Imaging any of the top three Dems bonding in any fashion is like trying to envision cold fusion happening.  You may yearn for that to be so but there is no freaking way it will work.

The Republicans got it easier and I wonder just what would happen if say Romney or Giuliani who declare their VP running mate now.  You could get two people out in the populace stumping for votes for the top guy and double your ability to gain media attention.  I think whatever scrutiny comes your way as a candidate would easily be worth it.  You would force the Dems to babble on about what the Republicans are doing and lose any ability to keep any traction with the media spin.

Can you imagine someone like Huckabee pulling in someone like Bloomberg as his announced running mate just after the Iowa caucuses?  The media would flip and Huckabee would have major free press rolling into the subsequent caucuses.  That won’t happen unfortunately but I wish it were so.  What could very well happen is that Huckabee is selected as the winning Republican’s VP.  He draws the evangelical vote, the southern vote, as well as several others and would probably be best paired with Giuliani.

Who would Billary choose?  In taking the wild ride scenario one step further, why not hubby Bill?  If Billary wins (and she won’t even make the Dem nomination – sorry Donkeys), she may as well let him have the Veep role as he will be parading around the White House sticking his nose into things (and probably not only his proboscis).  And if not Bill, who?

The next election will be a startler to be sure and the coming months will be filled with surprises.  Too bad so much is at stake or I would enjoy the process.

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