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iPhone Stock Status: July 2, Sellouts In Some States

Guess those eBayers were probably a little too quick – time to repost 🙂 or 🙁

California is a virtual SELL OUT. They must’ve re-stocked the two SF stores as they are reporting stock now but the rest of the state is ALL RED and ALL GONE.


Apple has around 160 retail stores and a quick look shows maybe 130 stores still with stock – there is no breakdown of 4GB & 8GB versions so it might just be the 4GB versions still out there.

While Minnesota only has 4 stores, 3 are out of stock. ROAD TRIP!


Hawaii is sold out – serious, serious road trip required! Washington is almost also nearly sold out and Utah’s one store is out. Texas & Florida are the other two states with more out-of-stock than in:



Of course tomorrow, UPS will be at work so the California stores might be re-stocked for the 4th of July holiday.


As noted, you can still buy online and from the 1-800-MY-APPLE number. Ship times are reported at 2-4 weeks, Apple generally likes to pad that so they look good when they ship much faster but I’m presuming that first day orders should ship this week but for placing an order today or tomorrow? Hard to say.

So, check the online Apple inventory page before you head out but be ready to get there as the doors open and hope that you’re eyeing the 4 GB one … if they are getting re-stocked tomorrow, it might depend on when UPS shows up so it might not be best to get there as the doors open.

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