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iPhone Stock Status: July 1 – California Sell Outs


A quick sweep of the Apple iPhone stock inventory check page shows that about 50% of the California stores are out-of-stock and sold out. The rest of the country including all of New York is reporting ALL GREEN/ALL IN STOCK.

The toughest is the SF Bay Area, out of the 9 stores, only the Pleasanton Stoneridge Mall & the Santa Rosa stores have stock. The SF Penisula is completely out of stock and either of these two stores with stock are a good hour+ drive … though on a Sunday morning, it’s not too bad. My guess is that the malls open at 11:00 AM so good luck. (one of the San Jose stores is stocked if you live closer to the South Bay).

The LA situation seems to be better in that while half the stores are sold out, there seems to be another within 20-25 minutes* – for instance, while Manhatten Beach is sold out, Santa Monica is still reporting stock.

* Of course, it it were Monday, the 20-25 minute drivetime thing wouldn’t apply.

You can still buy online and from the 1-800-MY-APPLE number.

My online order status hasn’t changed but I presumed nothing would change on Saturday. This line was included in my confirmation email:

“You will also be receiving an email with more precise shipping and delivery dates for your iPhone order by July 4th.”

JULY 2nd Update here.

Apple online order update here.

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