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Free & Nearly Free Phone Calls & Texting From Your Mac
Posted in Apple Mac, Computing, Internet on 29 May 2007
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Computer to Computer “VOIP” Skype, of course. Free calls worldwide to fellow Skypers. SIP/Gizmo – same free calls to fellow Gizmo users. Both offer phone numbers to dial in locally worldwide. Gizmo is offering 40 minutes to landlines, cells, etc for signing up another Gizmo user. GizmoCall: Free phone calls worldwide – if you can […]

iPhone Clone to Hit US Shores Prior to Apple Launch of the Real Deal
Posted in Apple Mac, Computing, Gadgets, Marketing on 29 May 2007
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The Chinese are very agile in their bootlegging and just as apt at creating one-offs (ok, blatant ripoffs) of hot consumer brands. The CECT P168 phone is modeled directly against the upcoming iphone. They have obviously copied the wallpaper but also many of the specs including: a 3.5-inch QVGA LCD touchscreen, a 2 Megapixel camera […]