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Web Surfing from the Bahamas
Posted in Computing, Internet, Media on 21 May 2007
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I am in the Bahamas at a conference and my cell phone doesn’t work…at all. I guess I should have taken notes about Metroxing’s post of SIM cards, eh? One thing that is saving me is that I brought along the laptop and am using Skype to make calls to the States for about 2 […]

Mac How to Open Microsoft’s New .DOCX format
Posted in Apple Mac, Computing on 21 May 2007
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Only Microsoft could come with an “open” format that’s not actually “open,” but I don’t think anyone is shocked. After working hard to establish .doc and .xls and .ppt as the “standard” of course, now that others are building apps online, it’s time for MS to throw out the baby & the bathwater and make […]