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Palm’s Foleo vs. VTech and er, Fisher Price
Posted in Computing, Gadgets, Internet, Media, Retail on 31 May 2007
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The Palm Foleo is a 10″ screen with a keyboard, wifi and bluetooth for syncing with your Treo or some other smartphone. “However, the Foleo uses an underpowered processor that isn’t really suited for video, Hawkins admitted. It gets five hours of battery life. It wasn’t designed to be a standalone product apart from its […]

iTunes EMI DRM Free + 50 Other Online Mp3 Stores for Your iPod
Posted in Apple Mac, Computing, Gadgets, Media, Music, Retail on 31 May 2007
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Yesterday, most if not all of EMI tracks on the iTunes music store went DRM-free for $1.29. You can pay $.30 to convert your tracks from Fairplay AAC 128kbps to AAC 256 kbps. Since Apple keeps track of your purchases, after you download and install iTunes 7.2, you will be presented with a list of […]