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Mattel Disney Pixar Storyteller Diecast: Mattelrad Has Downed Santa’s Reindeer (Apparently)

Mattel seems to have given the word to NORAD to shoot down the idea of a reindeer CARS Christmas.

While it’s not 100% 100% – there seems to be no listing for the Christmas CARS reindeer anymore … and of course, since it’s December, it seems pretty unlikely they are just in the warehouse or the backroom of some store … they would be out by now … and of course, there’s always a leak somewhere …

So, while there’s no official word, the fact their product number is no longer listed means almost 100%, no Christmas CARS and no reindeer this year.

Here’s the UPC: 7-46775-06874-5



Santa Reindeer

Mater Saves Christmas.


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