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Toy Hall of Fame 2012 Inductees

They got in just before the steroid era … oops, wrong HOF …


Just the two … you can check out the rest … Hot Wheels made it in last year and one you will never guess is actually a toy and got in last year – BLANKET.

Yea, that cloth thing you sleep under – who knew it was a toy? All this time I’ve just been huddled underneath it … if I only had an imagination …  stupid, stupid, stupid!

So, next time when the kids clamor for a toy run, just drop them off at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Of course, they also added STICK in 2008.

I was sure that got in the first ballot back in 9876 BC but I guess stick annoyed a lot of voters by beating on people, suppressing the huddled masses and working for the MAN for the the last 11,000 years so it took a while.

Cardboard box made in 2005 in case you wanted to be a wisenheimer. 🙂

What’s great is they both have great theme songs:

You can also download the Star Wars theme as performed by Nick Winters … from here (click on the arrow)



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