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Disney Pixar CARS On the Road: McDonald’s Happy Meal & Toy Arrives!

Thanks, “Michael VN” for the heads and photos.

The McDonald’s CARS on the Road toys & Happy Meal are here!

You apply the decals.

You can. even roll your car on a “game.”

You get to choose from Rumbler Mater, Cave Lightning, Cave Mater and Cruz Ramirez OR …

Lightning, Ivy, Mater & Rumbler Lightning. Collect ’em all.

There are also activity games on the Happy Meals website.

There’s even a cute ad online.

If you order on the McDonald’s app … be sure to select a toy (what kind of monster orders a Happy Meal without a toy?  :-). ).


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24 September 2022 Disney Pixar CARS, Food No Comment

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