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Target BOGO 50% Off Sale ….

It looks like the Target BOGO 50% off sale covers Hot Wheels and Marvel Avengers …


“Damien V.” says it covers CARS & PLANES items (not really online but maybe in stores?)

“… Pixar/Planes/Avengers and other (albeit mostly Mattel brands) Barbie, Monster High and on. But the Target Exclusive Fire & Rescue 7 pack is at more stores around me for $16.99 with them in the BOGO set.   I did see a few of the Planes racers (Planes 1) in the same aisle.”

Let us know if it covers CARS/PLANES.

Thanks for the heads up, “Damien V!”

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  • Jinzo says:

    Also remember if you want some Planes F&R singles and if they are still TPC for 2.99? [I forgot how much they were] you can combine the deals. Not bad for F&R singles but like 90% of the country, there’s nothing good for the F&R singles.

  • bobbyjack says:

    Picked up Brian Fuel and a Tractor yesterday from Target for less than $11.

  • John in Missouri says:

    The sign shows the Cars logo, but I had to tell the Cashier about it when my two packages of Movie Moments didn’t ring up correctly.

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