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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Pixar Motorama, Bag It

There’s always been some question about the secondary market for the 2010 Pixar Motorama 10th Anniversary Lightning McQueen.

While the correct date stamp on the bottom is 1410 EAA – that can be faked.

But now, thanks for “PF,” we now know what the authentic bag should look like.

cars motorama bag

Because while the diecast itself can be faked, the bag is not generally available once the promotion has passed and of course, counterfeiters are not going to spend money to print a plastic bag.

So, if you want an authentic 2010 Pixar 10th Anniversary Motorama Lightning McQueen, check the graphics match, check the base production date and make sure you get this baggie with the product code V8328 stamped at the bottom of the bag.


If they try to claim they tossed the bag – then the value is lowered unless of course, you know that person definitely worked at Pixar.

This is true of most of the promotional or mail-away CARS – the proof is actually in the plastic baggie. So, if you have any question of the authenticity of that diecast, check out the previous post.

Thanks “PF!”

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