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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Neon Racers 4-Pack Contest!
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Disney sent along a Target Neon Racers 4-Pack as a Contest Giveaway! Just to be clear – I was too lazy to re-photograph – you only win ONE 4-pack box set AND it’s for openers as the box is a little beat up – the diecast CARS themselves look great so this contest is really […]

Batman TV Series Blu Ray-DVD Complete Buying Guide
Posted in movies on 30 September 2014
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After ALL this time since the advent of home video (30+ years), Batman ’66 TV Series is finally coming to Blu Ray-DVD on November 11th – and of course, they have a whole slew of release packaging … Batman The Complete TV Series Limited Edition Blu-Ray & Book Set (Comic Book Stores) There are two […]

Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Singles CASE H Coming
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The next singles CASE H is much like the previous cases this year, 1 each of new vehicles and the other 21 a sprinkling of 2014 releases … The new CARS in the case includes Francesco Fan, Alberto: Casino Pitty’s (SORRY< NO CASINO PITTY’s) Sally with Tattoo Thanks for the heads up “ED!”