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The People of MasterMind – 40 Years Later
Posted in Toys on 20 September 2014
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Remember this board game? Here’s what these two look like 40 years on … and the story behind … at Junkyard Clubhouse.

LEGO Star Wars: Mos Eisley Cantina
Posted in Lego on 20 September 2014
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Never has it been so much fun to build your own hive of scum and villany! You also get Greedo with a blaster and d’uh – Han shot first! Available at Amazon. The LEGO Star Wars 75052 Mos Eisley Cantina Building Set.

Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Color Changers Coming Back?
Posted in Disney Pixar CARS, Mattel Disney Pixar CARS on 20 September 2014
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There is a listing for new color changers but no details so it’s unknown exactly what’s being released as Color Changers … these were the last Color Changers announced, I’m not sure if these all were released?