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The Mattel Experience: It’s a Store at LAX

For Disney Pixar CARS collectors, I think f you heard the phrase “The Mattel Experience,” I think we might get a few snarky comments. 🙂 Or if it were a theme park ride, what comes to mind? 🙂

But it’s actually the name of a new store at the LAX Airport.

Mattel Exp

Someone has posted a mini ttour online at YouTube so you can check it.

It looks like a nice mini showcase of Mattel products (though as someone noted on YELP that Hot Wheels Basics cost $3.99 and Disney Pixar CARS Deluxe are $14.99) but hey, it’s the airport. Prices? We will jack you up!

It’s in Terminal 5 if you care.

The other stores that Mattel operates are outlet type stores.

You can read more in the LA Times.


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21 September 2014 Mattel One Comment

One Comment

  • Matersgrlfriend says:

    Why no close up of Cars! You can see them to the right (I think). I guess I have to schedule in a a layover in LA on my next trip, LOL!

    (MET: The company store is only 5-minutes from LAX. The giant tents should be up in another month or so).

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