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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Radiator Springs Classic Next?

The sales of Radiator Springs Classics seem to have slowed down quite a bit. This is the first case assortment that did not just fly off the shelf – and after about 3 weeks, most still seem to be on the shelf.


But it’s still nice – for newbies and kids, it’s a chance to get the old standbys and townies so in a good way, it’s good that they don’t fly off the shelf … and after they buy KING, you can shout out ONLY 699 to GO! (but in the most helpful manner as possible  🙂  ).

There are no new listings for singles which might not mean anything as sometimes exclusives lists are not very accurate – as noted earlier, it looks like a lot of these (re)releases are coming out in the “Themes 2014” regular series – which might mean nothing as only the series card design might be a TRU exclusive OR TRU might get different (re)releases in this series (after all, these 30 releases only leaves about 400 singles from CARS 2006 un-re-released) … which would be the normal modus operandi of their year exclusive period ending.

There is however, 2 new 3-packs listed. There is no breakdown to what’s actually in it.

(Post of some of the earlier 3-packs released).

Once it’s out, we might have a clue as to whether the series will simply re-re-release what’s already out in different packaging or whether different re-releases will be filtered in.

BTW, my closest TRU has added a second wall of Disney products – presumably with the holiday push for Infinity, and the DVD releases of PLANES, MONSTERS UNIVERSITY and in theaters, FROZEN. The inventory level in the other sections of the stores for these products looks about the same so clearly they didn’t just move inventory over.

second wall

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