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Mattel Disney PLANES Diecast: Franz, No Try Me Feature?

The Disney Store Franz is pretty impressive, all metal AND it fold/detaches into a “flying car” that Franz is in the film PLANES.

franz wings WM

He is a flying CAR that you can also convert to driving mode!

Franz open WM

The Mattel one however seems pretty static …


Maybe this is just an early shot of it in packaging but no TRY ME snipe, no WINGS UNFOLDS! snipe, etc … so, it does not look very promising. So, while they seem to have strengthened the plastic strut supports, maybe it’s just so it wouldn’t sag after 2 weeks but otherwise, not really functional … when you see it in the stores, let us know for certain.



But it’s looking like Mattel’s Franz Fliegenhosen das not Fliegen but we are Hosened.

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