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Mattel Disney PLANES: The Racer PLANES By Their Wing Numbers Visual Checklist

This list does not include non-racers. It’s hard to get an exact count as some more obscure racers might only appear in an international version of PLANES and it’s unknown just how many different versions there are – so until the Blu Ray comes out, it’s hard to tell if #9 Joey Dundee only appears in the Australia version of PLANES?

Other than Zed, if you see a diecast photo, it’s already out or coming – those with screen shots, the status of a diecast release is unknown.

#0 Ned


#00 Zed

00 Zed

#1 Unknown


#3 Arturo

Arturo Plane


#4 Unknown (may be Racer #14?)

4 Unknown


#5 El Chupacabra

El Chup plane

#6 Ishani


#7 Dusty Crophopper

Dusty plane

#8 Sun Wing


#9 Joey Dundee


#11 Bulldog

Bulldog plane

#12 – Sweden (last screenshot – he/she is on the left behind Ned).Sweden

#13 Ripslinger

Rip plane

#14 Ireland



#15 Polish racer “Jan Kowalski.”Green-Pink

#16 Brazil/Brasil


#16 Unknown & 2nd of the 2 planes with #17 PLANES – one named Hammer & other Yellow Bird from the Prelim Race.


#18 Jackson Riles (Prelim Race)

#19 (or #49) – Unknown

19:49 Unknown

#22 Rochelle


#23 Tsubasa

23 Tsubasa

#55 Unknown


#86 LJH 86 Special (Prelim Race)

LJH 86 Special





13-Plane Scene

There are 14 PLANES here, minus Ripslinger, Ned & Zed … 17 PLANES is the number listed from the novelization.

13-Plane Scene Reverse

And there are 15? 16? in the race lanes here …

race lineup


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  • MoMcQueen says:

    Hey Met, I just emailed you. I think the screenshot you have for #9 Joey Dundee is the Australian version of Rochelle. Strange things happened to her as I watched the Portuguese (or perhaps) Spanish version of Planes today. She reflects the flag of Brazil in it. She’s been localized for international releases of the film? I had no idea. What will happen with the diecasts of her character? If I was a kid in Russia or Germany or Australia, I think I might be bummed to get a pink French Canadian Rochelle from Mattel when I’d want one to match what I saw in the movie, no?

    (MET: Yea, until everyone worldwide sits down and reports in on their version, it’s hard to say who stands in for who – especially with planes racing, unlike CARS which have to traverse the same track, with the wide open skies, most planes never really appear except as distant background blips outside of the start of the race.

    I grabbed the screenshots from the US trailer so there was a Brasil/Brazil plane but until the Blu Ray is out, in most cases, it’s hard to tell what exact kind of plane it is. I guess Rochelle can be swapped out since she’s involved in the subplot but not really in the race other than that one scene).

  • hypercarrots says:

    the one you have as #4 Unknown (may be Racer #14?) looks a lot like #15 Polish racer β€œJan Kowalski.”

    the one you have as Unknown looks a lot like #8 Sun Wing. the lower rear fuselage is not the same color on port and starboard sides but it may be an asymmetrical design like so many of the other planes have.

    (MET: Yea, until the blu Ray comes out, it’s hard to tell 100% if some are repeats, if some are just diecast slightly incorrect …).

  • John in Missouri says:

    I’m just waiting for Falcon Hawk 2.

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