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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: The Themes Motif 2013 CARS Coming?

So, while we are on the cusp of wrapping up “Themes 2013” as a design motif – certainly as singles, and multi-packs, everything that is on the poster is out, however, there are still a few releases off the poster looming that we don’t know for certain.

October, 2013 – the next announced Kmart CARS Day promo diecast giveaway is the Epilogue Green Pickup (aka: John Lasseter) – it seems most it’s likely coming on the “Themes 2013” design card …

JL Truck

Will Kmart get an exclusive Deluxe CAR to sell also – seeing as it’s already stickered?

Muggsy Liftsome

Kmart CARS Day (October 19, 2013) should also feature two additional CARS diecast NOT on the poster – Gold/silver Rip Clutchgoneski and some Silver (?) Lightning McQueen.

There are no new listings for Target box sets but sometimes that’s not always accurate. Sometimes they are listed – other times, they are not listed until after they come out. It seems likely we will get a few box sets – perhaps another Black Friday box set so we can’t really close the books on the 2013 Themes motif just yet – so while the singles & 2-packs are done, we don’t know if any box set releases will fall under the 2013 motif or the Themes: 2014 World of CARS motif. It looks like the 2014 motif will essentially look like the 2013 design with a lot of white space but bracketed with red … the telling difference presumably will be the World of CARS logo versus the CARS logo.

For now, the poster is the best visual checklist (no Super Chase or Retail/Event Exclusives listings though) or our original checklists for this year (though I’m not really sure why I lumped Luigi & Guido with Glasses in with CARS 1 diecasts … hic …). CARS 1 & Radiator Springs Classic here.

Question – Should I include the Radiator Springs Classics with the “Themes 2013” magazine checklist or should it go in its own separate issue?


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  • BMW says:

    All the 2013 releases makes sense to be in one magazine checklist. Its too confusing otherwise. There aren’t that many of the TRU exclusives, so a separate book wouldn’t be that enticing to buy.
    Make a separate section labeled for TRU Radiator Springs releases, and subheading or pages for the TRU exclusive playsets, box sets, and singles.

  • Matersgrlfriend says:

    I would include the RS Classics with the 2013 themes 🙂

  • NascarFan says:

    From Kmart:

    “”Here are the items, 2 exclusive metallic finish (Lightning McQueen and Rip Clutchgoneski), 2 first to market (Mildred and Ruka), plus the mail in Cars with the purchase of 5. We know the collectors were very excited about the John Lassetire, and Mugsy Liftsome is a great add on.””….do not have specific casepack details on number of units per casepack.

  • DragsterMater says:

    I’d bundle them with the Themes, it is sort of a “theme” anyway. they were made at the same time, so it makes sense.

  • John in Missouri says:

    I would put RS Classics in another issue, and please be sure to also include the Porto Corsa packs with the 1:55 diecast & Micro Drifters.

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