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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: 2013 Diecast Year Complete!

With the arrival of Ichigo (thanks for the great photo, “John H.”) …

Ichigo-package WM

… All 115* Diecast CARS of the “Themes 2013” series are out!


That fact by itself is a miracle. Our brethren Hot Wheels collectors might sock you or the wall if you utter the phrase, “You mean Mattel didn’t release the entire set of your series?”


So, while the year was certainly not perfect, to get everything released from a poster is no small miracle so that’s something.

Of course, we won’t point out that it’s hard to find a bunch on the shelves but they are all out and available for trade or to buy an entire case.

The revised Q case contains the last two CHASES (no Super Chases in the Q case).

The Deluxe G case is slowly being released and the 2-packs with a slew of new CARS is on its way from the warehouse so 2013 is done!

*Note, the 3 Super Chases are not shown on the poster, nor the exclusives in the Target Box sets, nor the D23 Convoy Brothers and so forth so we don’t have a final, final count until the Kmart CARS Day box is released and there are Target box sets coming in the next month or so – which might not switch design/motifs so it might still be counted as 2013.

(I also hope I counted the poster correctly. 🙂  ).

But hey, everything (else) on the poster is out!

Fill that tiny Cartini glass and drink up!

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