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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: CARS 1 Re-Release Checklist Update

CARS 1 (and some Toons) re-releases are available everywhere under the “Themes 2013” design motif and under the Radiator Springs Classic motif only at Toys R Us.

The CARS 1 Re-Releases Checklist has been updated. It adds the two latest TRU-only Radiator Springs Classic releases (Marilyn and Nick Stickers, Marilyn appears to be out – Nick, coming soon?). Unlike some other re-releases, Marilyn has NOT been upgraded to a unibody so that crease across the hood still appears. Both were last released in the Final Lap series with Marilyn also available as a lenticular.

Marilyn Nick

The checklist is a little easier to print out, split in two.

CARS1 RE-Release1

One correction is that CARS 1 Luigi & Guido (not Race Team Luigo & Guido) is that they will only be released together with the “glasses.” It seems they are coming together on a singles card and not as a Movie Moment 2-pack – as that would be a nice singles pack with the accessory but a pretty weak release at 2-pack pricing … it’s hard to tell at this point.

CARS1 RE-Release2

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  • Jack says:

    C’mon Lizzie. Can’t wait to see her again. The thing that makes Cars toys different than other past toy collectables is they are Disney. Nothing Disney ever dies unless they want it to. Lightning McQueen and the gang are in with Cinderella, Belle and all the rest. Not going away and plenty of rereleases, limited editions etc. for a long time to come.
    The world just keeps on needing more Franks, Bessie’s and many other Cars and Disney characters. They’re timeless. I would bet anything that someday we will even see Apple again. Probably in celebration of some anniversary.

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    Marilyn and Nick Stickers are probably the best examples of how Mattel was making Cars very inexpensive and cheap looking during the Final Lap Days. Glad they are now switching back to a one piece cast for almost all of the older releases (Cone McQueen, Jonathan Wrechworths and Greta come to mind), though I am baffled as to why Marilyn stayed the same.

  • materrocks says:

    Thornton, CO.
    I found two Marilyns at tru. After a good look at her, the paint job was really awful. So if you find her and tend to buy her, I would check the paint very closely.

    (MET: The original releases are pretty weak also as you can see from my photo – because of the plastic crease/mouthpiece position and the giant graphic on the hood, it’s not very compatible to a smooth finish).

  • Tom says:

    Luigi & Guido with glasses looks cool. Any idea which case they will be in?

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