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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: After a Few Guido Cartini’s, the Q Case Looks Much Better

When the Q was first announced, it had all the looks of a weak franken case and a few were shipped out with this assortment. Other than the new Luigi & Guido with Glasses, everything else was with CARS already available elsewhere or soon to be available plus a lot of CARS that seem to be leftover from the cancellation or changes to L, M, N & P cases … but then at the midnight hour, they revised the case contents (without telling anyone, of course) … (Thanks “BMW” for the first heads up!) … I did want a couple separate confirmations this was indeed the new case Q … this is a case you might want to queue for.

It’s even packed friendly for most collectors – one to open and one to keep on card for the new diecasts.

NEW – Mildred Bylane, Ichigo (CHASE), Ruka (CHASE) and Luigi & Guido with Glasses.

NEW on Themes 2013 card: RPM

NICE TO HAVE MORE OF: Alex Carvill and Snot Rod with Flames.

There is no Super Chase in this case.

So, not a great case but a pretty nice case – and you get 2 Chases in one Case.

Case Q2 Final

This does make the purported Kmart CARS Day case that much less special … but at least now we know Ichigo didn’t disappear off the face of the Earth.

The Kmart Case (if it is indeed the Kmart Case) seems to only feature Silver or Gold Rip and a Silver Metallic Lightning McQueen as the ONLY EXCLUSIVES. Maybe the Kmart Case should include a tiny to-scale (drive) SHAFT.


Kmart Case 2013


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  • bigfish602 says:

    Ya every day that passes the kday case looks worse and worse.. I don’t really care for silver cars
    And ruka is only other car in case i don’t have.. I hope they have something really special hidden…a super chase of any sort would be nice..

  • bigfish602 says:

    I got the rpm no.64. Everything but ichigo and ruka.. I hope they slip ichigo into the kday case ..

  • chevyman46933 says:

    Is no one finding rpm 64 or do they just not care? I’ve read 8-10 of us have found case q but not a single report of the rpm 64. He is only in this case and there is only one so its kinda like a chase. Where are they? I have only one since I’ve found one case so far

    Also if this is really gonna be the Kmart case. This could be the worst cars day ever. I won’t even waste my sat morning to be there. I think we are gonna get surprised and this case listed isn’t gonna be correct. Only time will tell. Week and a half away.

    Remember that weird mix of cars 2013/2014. Maybe it’ll turn up next week. Kmart always has first to market. This case just stinks. An entire event JUST for a rip? And only cause he is painted gold with finger nail polish?? Come on that’s rediculous. I bet we are in for a surprise. And I hope met is wrong about this assortment.

    • MoMcQueen says:

      I have a not ha-ha-funny feeling that Kmart Collector Day 10 is going to be exactly like this last June: a non-event. I know we’ve been reassured it’s not, but so far we’re looking at a regular-looking case with maybe two Kmart exclusives packed into it. The first-to-market cars that were supposed to be included with that have since come out first elsewhere. And the buzz is about how great the mail-in offer will be. I LIKE the Kmart events. What happened in June was a huge disappointment to me. I’m fearful it will be repeated.

    • John says:

      We found and bought the RPM. It will replace the banged up lenticular version that we already have. I assume RPM was out in a non-moving eye version at some point?
      Comparing the new with the lenticular all the details appear the same.

      • John in Missouri says:

        RPM No. 64 debuted on Supercharged cardback in 2006-07. It was also on World of Cars cardback in 2007-08, but I don’t recall the single being available on Race-O-Rama cardback (although it was on Race-O-Rama cardback as a Launcher). Chief RPM, RPM Semi, and RPM Hauler were also available in the Race-O-Rama motif. RPM was also a Kmart Car with Synthetic Rubber Tires.

  • bigfish602 says:

    Found this case today at wal-mart someone sneaked out the ruka and ichigo and left everything else… Grrfrr … I got all the others though.

  • BMW says:

    “Guido Cartinis”

    You crack me up Met. 🙂

  • jcamdenlane says:

    Kmart case remains good enough to buy what I need for the super fantastic mail-ins. Tell you the truth, I’d buy 24 racing wheel mcqueens with mangled cards to get a Lassetire and a Liftsome, though.

    Is the Kmart case the first 2013 card for Miguel?

    (MET: I have Miguel coming out in CASE B. I don’t not recall anyone saying he’s wasn’t available then).

  • carslover says:

    whether rip is sliver or gold
    I think the red and green parts should be metallic too
    it is a real cop out for mattel to only make the one color metallic

  • Traction MainBolts says:

    This is why i spotted Ichigo, Mildred Bylane, Luigi and Guido with shaker and glasses and Ruka in American packaging on eBay.

  • MoMcQueen says:

    I’m still wrestling with the possibility metallic Rip Clutchgoneski will be gold instead of silver like the other ten. It makes no sense to release a gold Rip as a Kmart car. Gold Rip should be a Toys R Us exclusive to coincide with their metallic World Grand Prix racer series. Pure speculation on my part but maybe it merely was a factory error that we saw, like the first cases of 2012’s Take Flights getting slapped with the Walmart Exclusive stickers destined for the 2013 Cars Toons box sets. I can keep hoping, can’t I? Silver Rip is what I want; it’s the one I have been waiting for.

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