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High Tide – Low Tide: Michael Marten
Posted in Science on 9 September 2013
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Sometimes we forget just how dramatic high tide and low tide are … These are 6-18 hours apart … I wonder if we set a camera to record the arrival of a Super Chase case on the pegs if it would match this high tide and low gifs. 🙂 You can check more at Marten’s […]

Toy Exclusives: You Should Be Free to Buy As Many As You Like
Posted in collecting, Disney, Disney Pixar, Mattel, Mattel Disney Pixar CARS on 9 September 2013
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As I noted in my post on exclusives post a few weeks back, toy companies do not get it – if they really, really wanted just to thank their biggest fans – they should do so by giving them something – how do they determine that? I do not know. But short of them driving […]

Mattel Disney PLANES: Target 4-Packs Back Online
Posted in Disney, Disney Planes, Mattel Disney Planes on 9 September 2013
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All 3 of the PLANES 4-packs are available online again at (these are Target exclusives). The newest box set is Air Ambush – from the scene where Rip, Ned & Zed meet up with Dusty in the Grand Canyon/Monument Valley … And other than the 2nd appearance of Ripslinger in the box sets, the […]