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Mezco Mez-its Batman Line Adds the Classic 1966 Batmobile

Since the next Batman movie is at least 2-3 years away, WB is really working hard at reviving the licensing revenue for the classic 1966 TV series Batman – and why not, after all these years, it holds up as forever weird – forever cool.

Mattel is doing some fun action figures – Metzo adds the 1966 Batmobile to their Mez-its lineup.

Tv 66

Good Adam West expression. The figures are designed to sit in the Batmobile.

Pre-order at Entertainment Earth.

There are also the older Mezco Batmobiles – available at Amazon.


The Black Tumbler at EE or at Amazon.


The Camo Tumbler with Bane and Fight-Damaged Batman – available at EE or Amazon.camo tumbler


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31 March 2013 comics, Toys One Comment

One Comment

  • Jack says:

     Hollywood and certain corporations sure love Batman. 
     Speaking of 1966 Batman here is an amazing clip stating that Batman is actually in the Russell bloodline. That his Great Grandfather was William Russell founder of the Skull and Bones at Yale university. Another ancestor founded the school itself. It’s also the fraternity the Bush and many other powerful American families belong too. Real interesting how much “stuff” Batman’s family and friends and associates have done in real life but you can look that up for yourself. 
     Incredible stuff they were telling us almost 50 years ago. 

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