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Adrian! Aaaadriaaaan! Finally an Ultra Realistic Rocky Action Figure
Posted in Uncategorized on 5 March 2013
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Back in the old days before computer detailing … You had to use your imagination to envision a man’s face kicked by a beaten rented mule … well, imagination necessary no more … you can practically taste the metallic blood landing at all those sitting ringside … Is this is good thing?  

Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Lightning McQueen with Cone Variant Alert
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Lightning McQueen with Cone was one of the most sought after and limited CARS diecast from the Final Lap series. Now, readily available AND upgraded to the unibody all-metal diecast body … Nice! Previously had a mouth/expression that was a plastic bolt-on – now sporting the exact same expression and eye position but ALL METAL […]