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Holy Old School Batman!

Mattel seems to be doing a nice job on everything retro … the 1966 Batman figures look pretty cool …


And of course, you also need the wall climbing 2-pack …robin

Of course, this view might be easier to recognize … – how ever did they make climbing up a wall look mostly effortless? AACCTTING! 🙂

Photographer Dennis Stylist Alfonse

Here’s what the base looks like without the caped crusaders.Photographer Stylist

At Entertainment Earth.

The 3-pack singles with 1966 Batman, the Joker and the Penguin.

The 2-Pack Batman & Robin Wall Climbing.

Wave 1 Case with 2 each of the 3-pack singles.

Wave 2 Case contains the Riddler and Surf’s Up Batman. (What does Surf’s Up Batman look like?).

What wave is Catwoman or Batgirl? 🙂

Catwoman is on the list but not Batgirl …

Nanananana – Batman!

And holy lawyer idiots, when will hey ever get the rights cleared so we can get DVD’s or Blu Ray’s!

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26 March 2013 Mattel, Toys 5 Comments


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