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Mattel Disney Toon PLANES: CARS Diecasts (Besides Pitty’s)

While we know there are Pitty’s coming in PLANES, it’s presumed there will be some auto vehicle diecast characters … and the first one has been semi-revealed, some sort of old school fuel truck …


Unfortunately it’s only a low res photo for now … but for those who refuse to buy planes from PLANES, how do you feel about a CAR in PLANES? 🙂

The Pitty post in here but they only come in a large gift set.

You can see the entire Propwash Junction Playset HERE.

And you can see all the PLANES here.

Since the PLANES are all “oversized” deluxe, I wonder if all the vehicle CARS in the PLANES line will be slightly larger and all only as a “deluxe” sized card (like the Take Flight series) … price-wise if not size wise … based on the France reveal, it looks PLANES plane diecasts will be priced at $5.99 to $7.99.

(Maybe he’s Zed or Chug, the only two names revealed but not matched up … Chug might make sense for a fuel truck).


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