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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: eBay Auctions CARS Collectibles

Of course, the average eBay auction is pretty straightforward, it’s either open or sealed and you decide if the price is right but for the hard to find “rare” CARS collectibles, there is the added layer of whether it’s legit, an unauthorized factory production or a custom. Rarely do customizers hide the fact they are selling you a custom as they are pretty proud of their own artwork.

So, it really comes down to whether the one being offered is legit or an unauthorized production run ones. And of course, for the Top 5 Rarest promotional CARS, you’re talking about a selling price of a few hundred to a few thousand dollars so you want to know exactly what you are getting. It’s fine if you want to own a non-official one but they key is that you are NOT paying or not being told you are getting one that fall under the unauthorized production run.

It’s also doubly compounded in that since they are not carded, for most people it’s hard to tell what packaging format they came in … and in some ways, it’s better not to reveal everything since some counterfeiters will simply try and mock up that packaging … so if you ever are offered one of the Top 5 Rarest promotional CARS or the Apple CAR from the Top 5 lowest production run ones (the others are harder to fake since they come on card), just drop us an email and like interrogating a spy, you have to ask the right question but not reveal what you already know. 🙂

And the bottom line is most of the legitimate ones on the Top 5 promotional list at this point would be like stumbling upon a gold bar in your driveway. It could happen but it’s pretty unlikely. For instance, the Brainstorm 50 were given away to people who mostly could care less – they probably gave it to their kid or their nieces/nephews or in many cases, probably just tossed it in the trash at their hotel room that night. At best, they figured it might be worth $25 – hardly worthwhile putting it on eBay when most of the attendees are pulling down at $75k a year. I’m sure John Lasseter has his in his office but for the rest of Pixar/Disney employees?

Or in the case of the ToyFair or Surfing JL John Lassetire – most Pixar/Disney employees who got one know it’s worth some money but do they want to seen as the guy who only sees a gift from John Lasseter as a $ sign? Perhaps if it gets out they auctioned it on eBay, they will be seen as less of a team player and perhaps jeopardizing a relationship or even a job that pays 6-figures? So, some of these might pop up years from now when they leave Pixar/Disney but most will probably just be left behind or given away … what I’m saying is unless you know that person works at Mattel, Disney or Pixar and fill in the rest of the story … it’s a look alike … I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy it but just don’t buy it like it’s 100% legit and if it was handed to you by John Lasseter.


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