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Mattel Disney Toon PLANES: First Look PLANES Pitty’s & Gift Set

Larger photos of the PLANES diecasts were in the earlier post today – along with a story recap.

While the PLANES are available as singles – they are also available in a PLANES Gift Set which are pretty nice with a Pitty and a Hanger “tent.”
Dusty #7 (the main character)
Dusty Set

Bulldog #11, the British competition.Bulldog set

El Chupacabra #5, the Mexico competition. Will Memo Rojas Jr. stop by to say Hola and give El Chup a teeny tiny Super CHASE CAR in package? 🙂El Chup Box

And what seems like Dusty’s “evil” rival – Ripslinger #13 (naturally). UPDATE – Walmart Exclusive.Rip set

And a closer look at the Pitty’s. Dusty’s is the nicest – with tiny tools – sweet! Dusty Pitty

Bulldog’s seems to be a slightly new square shape? Bulldog Pitty

El Chupacabra is the classic Pitty shape. He should have eyes of fire though. 🙂 El Chup Pitty

And Ripslinger’s Pitty.rip pitty

Collect Them All!

Link to original post on film and trailer.

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