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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2: Rest of 2013 Diecasts Revealed + Poster

There is a new poster out that reveals most of the scheduled diecasts through Summer 2013 … There is a download link at the end of this post. The themes checklist has been updated to show the NEW 2013 diecasts that “complete” the numbering scheme for each theme.

COMP airport Adventure

The Luggage Truck was pretty much known and we pretty much guessed this was the barmaid but still nice to get confirmation.


Again, we pretty much knew the Luigi and Guido dance partners were in and since they are the new Fiat 500, it was easy to envision what they would look like as diecasts. The reveal of the band is super nice and hilarious. It might bode well for a Toons release of the Nightclub Band.
COMP Festival Italiano



COMP Lemons

The two MIA Lemons were actually unknown. One we presumed was IVAN (deluxe oversized) but he is NOT shown on the poster – has he been dropped – moved to later 2013? He is no longer assigned a number. And the two in its place are not barnburners. Tubbs with a slash overspray of purple – weak. While a black Trunkov (without the party hat) is not horrible, it’s not super imaginative.


COMP Maters

Since we had a Disney Store Count Mater & Materhosen, not too super difficult to envision what they would look like as 1:55 but while Francesco Fan Mater is super and properly accessorized (it’s a CHASE – does it fit in the singles packaging? When Ivan mater wouldn’t? First CHASE oversized?) … That Materhosen hat looks terrible – maybe it’s just the lighting but Materhosen looks pretty weak.

COMP Palace Chaos

Palace Chaos had the biggest unknowns so it’s great to see confirmation. These ALL look pretty great and with RED GUY IN STANDS coming means with a hat and a gun, you have an easy path to Palace Guard Sgt. Highgear so in this case, repaint (and accessory) is a good thing. The Big Mouth Finn is not particularly exciting but hey, at least it’s different and pared with a bobbie, good enough.



COMP Rust-Eze Racing

We knew Fred was on the list but we did not know he was paired with a weird LM with Sign. Is the sign glued on or an accessory? Pretty lazy.


COMP Tuners

Snot Rod with Flames has possibilities and it’s nice to get the other Japanese tuners. I’m not sure they are the listings of the Japan game show CARS and more of the Girls on the Party Bridge but cute and fun enough … In his case, keep bringing on the repaints.



I did not bother to show the announcers with headsets. I think we all pretty much know what they look or the repeat racer releases. The only real unknown was the Security Van which is nice as it’s not just Murakarmi with headphones so solid.


COMP Wheel Well

These were definitely just added and NOT part of the original list. The Luigi & Guido with glasses is cute enough though a cheap 2-pack … The LM & Sally with a table is definitely some weird cost cutting measure but hey collectors will collector it.

One thing to note – UK Ramone with Paint Gun is not shown on the poster and not assigned a number but he’s scheduled in Case D? What’s the deal? Is he really coming in CASE D? He could belong in several categories – WGP? Palace Chaos?

So, overall – since we knew the scene from the film, we had a pretty idea of what the missing diecasts would look like but it’s always nice to see a prototype or finished one … and one noticeable theme within this world of themes is that a lot of the revealed additions are all tiny diecasts … Japanese tuners, Guido’s, Pitty’s and Fiats. And plastic accessories with Lightning, Sally and Guido. Though the Palace Chaos CARS are fairly substantial diecasts (Range Rovers, Mondeo’s, etc …) so I suppose going by overall weight of zinc purchased, it balances out.

Clearly, it’s no Golden Age 2 but at least it’s not Finn’s with multi colored plastic face plates as “different” releases – much better to get a weak repaint (Tubbs Pacer with spray) than 2011. And the 2-packs are at least 2-packs come with something extra versus one “exclusive” eyebrow expression … I’d much rather have a mini table than another Finn.

I did not bother to update the Piston Cup or Retro Radiator Springs Themes as everything is a re-release.

You can download the poster in PDF format here.


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  • Stig McQueen says:

    I wish I thought any of my local and not-so-local retailers would actually stock these. No restock at Target before Christmas (or since May 2011, really); nothing at WalMart, a couple of Cars Take Flight found at TRU some months ago, but that’s been it.

  • gargan123 says:

    Also, what ever happened to the Mood Springs Pitty from a couple of years ago. Did I miss it or did it not ever see release?

    (MET: Never released).

  • gargan123 says:

    Thanks Met for posting this. Is there any way to get a full size poster, perhaps from Mattel? I have all of the others from the Kmart Days but I don’t want to have to wait until June for this one.

    (MET: This is probably the June 2013 poster so yea, you’ll have to wait … but the PDF allows you to print at any resolution and size so if you wamt a giant version, you can essentially print your own).

  • materrocks says:

    Thornton, CO
    Nothing to do with this post, but why is there warning and other garble on some post and not on others? I have the same thing happen to my post. Please explain and what can we do to fix this? Is it that squirrel or an intruder?

  • BMW says:

    Where is Mama Bernoulli!! I want her more than any of these.

  • OzzieMum says:

    Can’t wait for ALL of these! I hope we start seeing some of the 2013 Cars here soon! I’m psyched!!

  • Lane Change says:

    Was there a 2011 poster?

    (MET: Yes, let me gather them all up and i’ll upload them somewhere).

  • quercy says:

    Great web site about each of these coming 2013 cars… Very well done and short videos showing where each car can be seen in the movie. Each sub series is very well defined. There is also a section for the micro drifters and stunt racers. http://hybridstudio-cars.com/Index.aspx

  • Special_K says:

    Man these look great!

  • quercy says:

    Hopefully this time ALL the new cars on this poster will be released in 2013 like promised… So far it never happened with the previous annual posters… Some have never been released to this date…

    (MET: Always leave ’em guessing πŸ™‚ or πŸ™ ).

  • brittanycenter2007 says:

    It’s going to be a good year!!!!! πŸ˜€

  • RodredlineM19 says:

    In my opinion, this is the Golden Age 2. I mean, am I the only one who doesn’t care if it’s a repaint or repeat or whatever? I just like collecting! I’m excited for every new one on this list!

    Anyway, my favorite ones out of all of these have gotta be Boost, Snot Rod, Wingo and DJ with Flames. They look so cool!

  • sedema says:

    The number specified are 9, but in the poster are 12!
    The Deluxe and Double Pack models are included in the Poster
    of the individual?
    Anyway I’m excited about all these new releases, but will come All!

    (MET: Yes, oversized/deluxe are counted in the numbering scheme).

  • carslover says:

    alot of promise there
    i hope mattel comes though
    i’m tired of over paying on e-bay
    uncle t’s band looks like it will be highly sout after

  • Tom says:

    Hopefully the case assortments are decent, these are easy to find and the pegs don’t get clogged with Finns Frans and LMQs.

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    So if this is not the Golden Age 2 then what will be? Some people.. even when you get blessed with over 30 great new releases and tons of old releases to help catch up the newer collectors you still want more.

    Oh and there’s a Nature Drive McQueen in the McQueen’s series. What happened to Muddy McQueen? He’s on the cardback.

    (MET: Whoops, didn’t look too closely at LM, yea, Muddy McQ seems missing but that Nature drive LM is the previously nicknamed “leafy” McQ …).

  • John says:

    Retro’s new release is Mildred Bylane.

  • Rollerwings says:

    Oh noes, I think I already hear the sound of dollar bills fluttering out of my pockets. That new Finn is actually pretty cool, along with the expanded Lemons line. Tubbs Pacer with Paint Spray is a good idea so kids don’t get in trouble for taking a marker to their ordinary Tubbs diecasts, but if he had to be part of a multi-pack I would have paired him up with a “Soaked J. Curby Gremlin” or maybe a “Eyestrain Vladimir Trunkov” (remember, Flo stunned him with her high beams.) Or sell each of the three defeated Lemonheads with a black-painted bodyguard of his make and model. (I didn’t mention Victor Hugo since he was the only Lemonhead taken into custody without incident.)

  • cac1959 says:

    Very nice… I’d like to see them released at a rate that is good for collecting and my budget… maybe 3 to 4 per month instead of 4 months with no Cars and 1 month with 20… Maybe we’ll get to finish the 2012 models that were not released yet as well.

    And in a couple of hours, I’ll be off to some Target and Walmart stores as well… dug out from the Wednesday blizzard… and the new forecast calls for 2 to 4 inches of additional snow between 7 pm tonight and noon tomorrow… I really don’t like winter weather anymore.

  • jestrjef says:

    There are a lot of promising releases there! Love Uncle T’s Band and the Tuner Chicks! Have to say Francesco Fan Mater looks cool as well, but wondering how the whole Chase thing fits in with the Megasized line. All these stories and more coming in 2013!! Now, let’s clear the pegs so we can get to 2013!!

  • John in Missouri says:

    I want Uncle Topolino’s Band!

    And the Japanese Girls!

    And all the Mater Disguises!

  • cars4josh says:

    Come on retailers, finish your resets and get some of this new stuff! I’m pretty happy to see some of these …… And the hunting continues… Well good morning T5 I’m off to wal mart then target then……Lol

  • taylor says:

    Cool! Now bring them all on Mattel.

  • hostile takeover banker says:


  • hostile takeover banker says:

    Wow, wow, wow, wow, just wow!!

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