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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Target Clearance?

Brian T. whose Target store was only one of a few Target stores to discount the London Rescue 12-pack to $32.99 – his Target store has done it again and gone into clearance mode.

Target Clearance is beyond full swing already. They are flexing and pushing everything out of there backrooms prepping for re-sets. Looks like the $1.99 Sale cleared out the DC’s as well as 4-5 local stores I checked. Now they’re using the space for disc items while they wait for replenishment. I did have my contact here check the Cars 4 packs and they are NOT currently listed as NCF. She also told me that “if” they were going to be clearanced in this wave they would already be marked as NCF as a lot of the items are like Star Wars Planets legos (Wave One and Two) – they are currently in Ad at $7.99 but wave 1 is already scanning $6.98 on clearance and both are marked as NCF. So it looks like they are here to stay maybe with just a packaging change coming to be in-line with the new card Motif. Target didn’t change the DCPI on the new singles or MM’s – so they will probably keep the 4 packs the same too. But she did say she saw a few new cars items for the new sets. Currently the only non carry forward item is the London Rescue pack – which by coincidence is over packed on the shelf at my local Target so it still has last weeks sale sign hiding under it. (When I pointed out that it was still there – she scanned the item and it was back to regular retail but still NCF – but said she’d let the sign be in case I wanted more.

Well, at my store, they had some weird Fisher Price CARS on clearance? A huge row – I did not snap a pic as there were a bunch of kids in front of it and I didn’t want to seem like the creepy guy who had to then run for his life while being chased by an angry mob screaming like a little girl … 🙂 But nothing else was on clearance though they seems to have gotten many more 4-packs.

For those who are not familiar with Target retail code – NCF (Not Carry Forward)* means they are not selling it down the line though ultimately, sometimes it means nothing as they sometimes ignore/cancel the NCF code and restock but generally, it means markdowns are coming as Target likes to clear out stock as fast as possible.

Of course, the bigger clearance won’t come until after Christmas but sometimes when you have so much of it, no time like the present to get it off the shelves.

* Not Carry Forward seems like some old English phrase when someone had to literally hire a donkey and move merchandise. And MIB meant it didn’t have as mud on the box as the other stuff.

David T. also says the red bin or cases of CARS at your Wm might be stuck in the backroom.garden section …

Wal-mart has a huge mess on their hands. Looks like quite a few stores chose not to put the cars out due to lack of retail space and now they are missing. For example: Two local stores packed out their shelves with a case each – we all know they received at least 4 of case A – the counts show on their handhelds but since this was late arriving product it isn’t located in their back rooms and since it is scanning as non-replinishable they don’t really care that their inventory shows 3 times what is currently on their shelves and to be honest they don’t even have a clue where the cases are in the first place. So the shelves will empty out – the cases in back won’t get worked until their is space to move the garden shop inventory into the back rooms and who knows if it will even get worked then. I think even the stores that did get the bins won’t refill them – they didn’t even pack out the shelves anyway – it didn’t match with the finns, mcqueen and frans that were on the shelves. So I guess that they (the rest of the lot)  will eventually make it out. But I think the important point here is that if all Wal-marts show a carry-over inventory and not a complete sell through( in error) on Cars …..what will happen with case c , d etc…”

Maybe we’ll get some clarity next week.
Thanks David T.!



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  • Tedsallis says:

    I’ll be picking up a London Rescue probably for between 5 and 10 dollars some time in January. 😉

  • ghostlight says:

    A mess at WM is an understatement. One store by me doubled its car section. Bad news is that it’s with old Launchers, at least 15 Pope P. & Pope mobiles each and four more pegs full of Action Agents and none of it on clearance.

  • D J says:

    Still searching for 2013 singles. Soon i will find them, i just know it!

  • Tom says:

    I hunted through the sea containers in the garden area at one of my WMs last week, no sign of Cars…

  • twins081700 says:

    “we all know they received at least 4 of case A – the counts show on their handhelds” This is not accurate. Not ALL WM received Case A. 3 of the 4 WM in my area never put out the infamous Red Bin. And at my local store, with no Red Bin, a scan of cactus LM from Case B indicates only 5 on the shelf. So, if there are CASE A somewhere in the backroom or locked with the frozen dead tulips in the garden center, they are not showing up on their handheld scanners. I know as I just came from there 10min ago.

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